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  • back surgery through the abdomen

    • Abdominal Surgery

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      Abdominal Surgery . What is an abdominal surgery? Surgical removal of a mass or masses from the abdomen through an abdominal incision-either up and down or bikini cut. Why is this surgery used? To treat disease of the uterus, ovaries, or pelvic organ s • Pelvic …

    • Factsheet: Bladder Control after a Prostate Operation

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      Factsheet: Bladder Control after a Prostate Operation ... through the abdomen. ... You may have been asked to increase your fluid intake initially, but you should be able to go back to your normal level pretty quickly. Some drinks, like tea, coffee and cola drinks, ...

    • Guide to lumbar spine surgery

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      the back pain, but a few may need further surgery for it. Specific complications for anterior lumbar surgery (through the abdomen/stomach) Hypogastric plexus injury: To expose the lumbar discs through the abdomen a small set of nerves called the hypogastric plexus, lying just in front of the spine, have to be mobilised and retracted. If these ...

    • How to Care for Yourself After Lumbar Spinal Fusion

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      It is important to ice your back in the beginning to help with some of the swelling that occurs from surgery. Place a towel over the surgical site to protect your skin, and then use a gel pack for 30 minutes, usually about 4 times per day. Do not leave the pack on longer than 30 minutes since it may actually increase your pain.

    • Low Back Spinal Surgery (PDF) - Veterans Health Library

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      through your back. In some cases, a microscope is used to view damaged areas more clearly. Anterior Approach Your surgeon reaches the spine through your abdomen. This is done when your surgeon needs access to the front of your spine. Possible posterior incision site Possible anterior incision site The Day of Surgery Arrive at the hospital on time.

    • Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery: LAPAROSCOPY

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      of the abdomen (belly). The laparoscope is attached to a video camera, which displays the image on a monitor. Unlike traditional abdominal surgery techniques, which require large openings to allow the surgeon’s hands to enter the abdomen, laparoscopic surgery is performed through very small incisions.

    • Physical and Occupational Therapy after Spine Surgery

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      Wrong: Avoid full bending in through the spine. Avoid a fully rounded out back to protect your surgery. Right: Rather, bring your foot to your body to put on your shoes and socks. This will avoid excessive bending. SAINT LUKE’S HEALTH SYSTEM 20

    • Spinal Fusion Surgery Guide - Amazon Web Services

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      nurse during the surgery. Electrodes are placed on the scalp and other parts of the body to make sure that the spinal nerves have good blood flow. You may or may not notice some irritation to your scalp after the surgery. This irritation should resolve within a few days after the surgery. Expected Pain: This can be a painful operation.

    • Surgical Repair of the Abdominal Bulge: Correction of a ...

      abdomen.Ninemonthspreviously,shehaddonateda kidney to her husband, undergoing a left donor ne-phrectomy through a flank incision.The incision be-gan at the level of the umbilicus, extending posteri-orly toward the costal margin. Immediately after this operation, she noted a bulge on the left side of her abdomen. The bulge subsequently increased ...

    • lumbar spine fusion surgery - Blue Cross NC

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      Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery approaching the spine through both the abdomen and the lower back. 3) Lateral extracavitary approach: The intervertebral space is fused by approaching the spine from the side or laterally. For conditions such as disc herniation and …

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