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    • 2019 Development Charges Background Study

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      1.1 The Background Study has been prepared pursuant to Section 10 of the Development Charges Act, 1997 (D.C.A.) and, together with the proposed by-law, was made available to the public, as required by Section 12 of the Act, more than two weeks prior to the public …


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      ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION . FOR DHS BACKGROUND STUDIES . Entities that initiate background studies are required by law to verify the background study subject’s identity and document completion in NETStudy 2.0. This is a summary of acceptable forms of identification to be used for DHS background studies.


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      background study if you are found to have committed certain crimes, been determined responsible for maltreatment of a vulnerable adult or child, or have other records that require a disqualification. If you do not have a disqualifying record, you will be cleared to work.

    • Assister Resource Center FROM: FAX: EMAIL: RE

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      Background Study Consent Form We are requesting the following information in order to determine if you have been convicted of crimes which directly relate to the scope of services you or your organization may provide to MNsure.


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      BACKGROUND STUDY NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES Because the Department of Human Services (DHS) is asking you to provide private information, you have privacy rights under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. This law protects your privacy, but also allows DHS to give information about you to others when the law requires it.

    • Background Study - University of Melbourne

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      Background Study: Background study into greenhouse gas emissions from the grains industry This is a research module within the Greenhouse & Climate Change in Agriculture (GCCA) project. The GCCA project forms a major part of the Non-C02 emissions program within the national Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting.

    • Development Charges Background Study

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      Background Study for the City of Guelph required by the Development Charges Act, 1997 (D.C.A.). This report has been prepared in accordance with the methodology required under the D.C.A. The contents include the following: • Chapter 1 – Overview of the legislative requirements of the D.C.A.;

    • Education Development Charges Background Study

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      Education Development Charge Background Study – Peel District School Board March 29, 2019 Foreword and Acknowledgements Section 257.61(1) of the Education Act states that, “Before passing an education development charge by-law, the board shall complete an education development charge background study.”


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      background study. DHS background studies include reviews of county and state child and vulnerable adult maltreatment determinations and Minnesota Court Information System records. Can I submit fingerprints from another agency for my DHS background study? No. Fingerprints recorded by any other sources cannot be used for your DHS background study.

    • Guidance for licensed family child care programs February ...

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      Do you need a background study? Minnesota Statutes, secti on 245C.03. determines who is required to have a background study. Use this worksheet to determine whether you must obtain a background study because of your involvement with a licensed family child care program. Read through all of the questions.