Bacterial conjunctivitis contagious period

    • [PDF File]Conjunctivitis(Pink eye) - Community & Public Health

      Conjunctivitis is the inflammation or infection ... It may be caused by a virus or bacteria, or by an allergy or reaction to ... contagious while they have a discharge .

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    • [PDF File]CONJUNCTIVITIS (PINK EYE) - Florida Department of Health in ...

      Conjunctivitis is most commonly caused by viruses or bacteria, and is highly ... What is the incubation period of Conjunctivitis and how long is it contagious?

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    • [PDF File]Conjunctivitis - New Hampshire Department of Health and Human ...

      Conjunctivitis is an infection of the eyes commonly ... Both viral and bacterial conjunctivitis spread by ... The incubation period varies depending upon the.

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    • [PDF File]Care of the Patient with Conjunctivitis - American Optometric Association

      the age of 20 years.4 The average duration of vernal conjunctivitis is 4 years, and ... Although the ocular surface resists bacterial infection through a variety of.

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    • [PDF File]Pink Eye Facts for Parents & Teachers - All About Vision

      vulnerable to infection. In fact, pink ... Bacterial conjunctivitis often spreads to both eyes and causes a heavy discharge, ... until the contagious stage has passed.

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    • [PDF File]Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis)

      disease like Kawasaki disease. What are the incubation and contagious periods? Depending on the type of conjunctivitis, the incubation period varies. Bacterial.

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    • [PDF File]conjunctivitis - Louisiana Department of Health

      Louisiana Office of Public Health – Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section- Infectious Disease ... Acute conjunctivitis among children may be bacterial (eg nontypable Haemophilus ... The incubation period depends on the etiologic agent.

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    • [PDF File]Pinkeye - North Dakota Department of Health

      Bacterial: How long it takes for symptoms to appear is unknown because the bacteria that cause pinkeye are commonly present in most individuals and do not  ...

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    • [PDF File]Understanding Conjunctivitis - Prevent Blindness

      Conjunctivitis is the most common eye infection in the U.S. ... It can also be caused by allergic reactions or chemical ... in a hot water laundry cycle. > Do not use ...

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