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  • bacterial vs viral conjunctivitis

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      •Infectious (viral vs. bacterial) •Allergic •Chemical •Trauma related •Keratitis •Uveitis •Scleritis Infectious Conjunctivitis •Most common cause of “red eye” Acute di •Acute onset redness, burning, discharge •Viral vs. bacterial •Contagious •Self-limited (7-14 days) •No eye pain or vision loss Viral •Adenovirus ...

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      • Bacterial conjunctivitis • Copious, purulent discharge • Dry Eye Syndrome • Chronic, worse at the end of the day • Corneal ulcer • Contact lens overwear • Corneal abrasion / foreign body • History of trauma or injury • Iritis • Constricted pupil, photophobia Viral vs Bacterial Conjunctivitis? Viral conjunctivitis

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      Acute Conjunctivitis (Bacterial & Viral) Incidence ... Table 2: Conjunctivitis cases January – June 2016 vs 2017 Public Health Actions Taken All clients seen and assessed as conjunctivitis were treated Immigration personnel at the Detention Center were educated Public Health, Health Care Providers and School Health Nurses were advised of the ...

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      Adenovirus Infections in Children ... • Conjunctivitis lasting a few days to three weeks was manifest by ... Bacterial/Fungal organism Source 55.4/F Fever only 37.4 C S. pyogenes Blood 17/F Fever only 36.1 C S. pneumoniae Blood 8.4/F Fever only 39.9 NA E. coli Urine

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      Conjunctivitis • Bacterial conjunctivitis • Viral conjunctivitis – Adenovirus – Molluscum contagiosum – Simplex conjunctivitis – Zoster conjunctivitis Bacterial Conjunctivitis • More common in children • Highly contagious • Can be unilateral but generally starts in one eye and spreads to the other

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      Jun 11, 2005 · conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis may be accom-panied by soreness or discomfort, but the presence of pain is a sign that something else is wrong. Bacterial conjunctivitis Bacterial conjunctivitis is more common in infants and children than in adults. In adults, 55 per cent of bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by Staphylococcus aureus, 20 per cent by


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      can help identify viral conjunctivitis and distinguish it from bacterial conjunctivitis. s Palliative treatment of viral conjunctivitis to alleviate signs and symptoms, consisting of cool compresses, artificial tears, and a combination of over-the-counter vasoconstrictors or prescription topical steroids, has been the mainstay of care.

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      conjunctivitis, with viral conjunctivitis being the most common cause of all infectious conjunctivitis cases.9 In addition, it is estimated that at least 1% of all primary healthcare visits in the U.S. are due to cases of conjunctivitis.10 Although viral conjunctivitis is a considerable

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      Management of Conjunctivitis in General Practice 99 treated with either netilmicin or gentamicin. Th ey concluded by saying that netilmicin was a safe and effective antibiotic that could be used as first-line therapy for the treatment of acute bacterial conjunctivitis. (Papa V 2002)

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      Bacterial Ulcer Guidelines •Always culture if you have the means •Patients that get better never sue-those that don’t-DO •Consider the 1-2-3-4 rule •Fluoroquinolone mono-therapy is not fool- proof •Grade the ulcer-Location, location, etc •Step TX based on cultures


      to differentiate viral from bacterial etiology, however presence of purulent discharge may be a pointer to-wards bacterial cause.3 Adenoviral conjunctivitis is a self limiting disease and may require only symptomatic treatment. Since the disease is of viral etiology, antibacterial drops have no role in the treatment.4,5 Fourth generation ...

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      conjunctivitis, have similar symptoms The differential for redness of the eye includes conditions such as conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and keratitis. Conjunctivitis of any form—bacterial, viral, allergic, or toxic—involves injection of both the palpebral and bulbar conjunctiva. Acute angle closure glaucoma can in-

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      conjunctivitis. It is the least expensive ocular antibacterial and is available from pharmacies without a prescription for the treatment of acute bacterial con-junctivitis in adults, older people and children aged two years and over. Although a family history of blood dyscrasias is a contraindica-tion, the risk of aplastic anaemia

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      Infective conjunctivitis Bacteria and viruses are both causes of infective conjunctivitis and it may be clinically diffi cult to distinguish between them. Over-the-counter treatment of any superfi cial infective conjunctivitis with an antibacterial agent is considered appropriate, as it may help prevent secondary bacterial infection.