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  • bacterial vs viral conjunctivitis

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      •Infectious (viral vs. bacterial) •Allergic •Chemical •Trauma related •Keratitis •Uveitis •Scleritis Infectious Conjunctivitis •Most common cause of “red eye” Acute di •Acute onset redness, burning, discharge •Viral vs. bacterial •Contagious •Self-limited (7-14 days) •No eye pain or vision loss Viral •Adenovirus ...


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      can help identify viral conjunctivitis and distinguish it from bacterial conjunctivitis. s Palliative treatment of viral conjunctivitis to alleviate signs and symptoms, consisting of cool compresses, artificial tears, and a combination of over-the-counter vasoconstrictors or prescription topical steroids, has been the mainstay of care.

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    • Management of Conjunctivitis in General Practice

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      Management of Conjunctivitis in General Practice 99 treated with either netilmicin or gentamicin. Th ey concluded by saying that netilmicin was a safe and effective antibiotic that could be used as first-line therapy for the treatment of acute bacterial conjunctivitis. (Papa V 2002)


    • Management of Ocular Infection: The Next Generation

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      •Viral •Chlamydial •Bacterial . Viral conjunctivitis is the #1 Cause of ACUTE INFECTIOUS Conjunctivitis •Adenovirus •Enterovirus •Herpes FAMILY of Viruses •Miscellaneous •DNA Viruses •At least 35 different serotypes •Type 8 Classic EKC •Types 10, 13, 19, and 37 new EKC •Pharyngoconjunctival fever (PCF) Type 3 and 7 Adenovirus Family . Case #1 S: 17 Y/O Female with …

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    • Ophthalmic Antibiotics Therapeutic Class Review (TCR)

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      Ophthalmic Antibiotics Review ... Conjunctivitis can be bacterial, viral, or noninfectious (e.g., allergic or nonallergic). Viral or noninfectious conjunctivitis are often self-limiting. Therapy may reduce symptoms but does not affect the clinical course of viral conjunctivitis. Although bacterial conjunctivitis can also be a self-limiting condition, topical antibiotics may be applied as a ...

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      to differentiate viral from bacterial etiology, however presence of purulent discharge may be a pointer to-wards bacterial cause.3 Adenoviral conjunctivitis is a self limiting disease and may require only symptomatic treatment. Since the disease is of viral etiology, antibacterial drops have no role in the treatment.4,5 Fourth generation ...

    • Recommended choice of antibacterial eye preparations

      conjunctivitis. It is the least expensive ocular antibacterial and is available from pharmacies without a prescription for the treatment of acute bacterial con-junctivitis in adults, older people and children aged two years and over. Although a family history of blood dyscrasias is …

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      Conjunctivitis: Should I use antibiotics? Yes •Patients expect them •Need treatment to return to daycare •Difficult to distinguish viral vs bacterial •Purulent discharge predictive •“small overall significant effect of antibiotic versus control” •Few side effects

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      Acute bacterial conjunctivitis is a common minor illness. It is self-limit-ing but is usually treated pragmatically with topical antibiotics in an attempt to shorten the illness and reduce complications and infectivity. Eye swabs are rarely done in clinical practice because of time considera-tions and expense. Discrimination of bacterial from viral conjunctivitis on clinical grounds is ...

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      Infective conjunctivitis Bacteria and viruses are both causes of infective conjunctivitis and it may be clinically diffi cult to distinguish between them. Over-the-counter treatment of any superfi cial infective conjunctivitis with an antibacterial agent is considered appropriate, as it may help prevent secondary bacterial infection.