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      about “pension spiking,” preventing unexpected increases in benefits of members of the ERS, and further adding to the unfunded liability of the ERS. BUF -01(18) – Separate accounts for employer contribution advance payments BUF -02(18) – Amendment to retain unclaimed member benefits with ERS rather than escheating to State

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    • Breastfeeding Prevalence - Maryland

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      but also important are the benefits to mothers from breastfeeding which include decreased postpartum anemia and bleeding as well as a reduced risk of future ovarian and breast cancer. Figure 4. Percent of Mothers Breastfeeding by Weeks Postpartum, Maryland 2004-2007 52 59 57 63 70 78 024 68 10 Weeks postpartum Percent Although the majority of Maryland mothers initiated breastfeeding (78%), by 10 …

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    • Circuit Court for Baltimore City Human Resources Assistant II

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      The Circuit Court for Baltimore City is seeking a dynamic individual for the position of Human Resources Assistant. The position will assist the Human Resource Officer of the Court in the functional duties and responsibilities in the areas of recruitment, personnel policies and procedures, compensation, benefits, and management of the

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    • District Spending in Small and Large High Schools: Lessons from ...

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      tricts, hoping to reap these benefits, are investing millions of dollars to give their students a more personal and successful experience by creating small high schools. At Education Resource Strategies (ERS), we work with school and district leaders to help them target their scarce resources — people, time, and money — in strategic ways that

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    • Financial - City of Baltimore

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      The Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks manages almost 6,000 acres of parkland, developed in part by the renowned Olmsted broth-ers. The park system attracts visitors from near and far, and provides a wealth of benefits to city residents and visitors, including opportunities to rest and

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    • Food Insecurity Among Children: A look at programs and initiatives

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      Without the same systematic and wide-scale collection of food insecurity information in Baltimore City comparable data is not available, but a study by the University of Maryland found that approximately 13.5% of low-income families with children in Baltimore were food insecure. Additionally, the Baltimore City Health Department’s Community Healthy Survey found that 23% of respondents reported being …

    • LEARN ity.gov

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      146 The City of Baltimore Comprehensive Master Plan (Final Draft) LEARN 147 For the City’s higher education institutions, the competition is defined in re-lation to the niche market of each school. Baltimore has a diverse array of schools, each of which competes with its peers. In some cases peers are defined


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      Baltimore City Council ... P 46 Retiree Benefits Trust (OPEB) – Subscription Agreement P 47 Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) – Subscription Agreement P 48-49 OPTIONS/CONDEMNATION/QUICK -TAKES P 50 Mayor’s Office of Human Services – Memorandum of Understanding P 51-52 TRANSFERS OF FUNDS P 53-56 Department of Recreation and Parks – Amendment No. 1 to On-Call Consultant …

    • Organizing the Unemployed - Baltimore

      Baltimore City Council calling on the state to clean up its act or assume liability for late charges on monthly bills caused by late unemployment checks. 6. Over the last few months, UCUP has held discussions with various interested parties that led to the city of Baltimore announcing a low- or no-cost health care plan for the unemployed. UCUP ...


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      Effective July 1, 1971 Baltimore City teachers and retired teach-ers were included in the TRS. Effective January 1, 1980, the TRS was effectively closed to new membership when the Teach-ers’ Pension System (TPS) was established. Individuals who were members of the TRS on December 31, 1979, continue