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    • A Guide to Baltimore City Public School System’s Mental ...

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      A Guide to Baltimore City Public School System’s ... Health (CSMH) has created a directory to assist in better navigating Baltimore City Public Schools’ (BCPS) mental health and health related services. By providing an easily navigable means of ... high school diploma. The Team Support Paraprofessional acts as an assistant to the IEP Team

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      condition of Baltimore schools has reached a crisis point, and city leaders have run out of non-choice based reform options. THE PERFORMANCE OF THE BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM (BCPS) A review of the performance of Baltimore City’s public school system (BCPS) confirms that, judged by nearly any measure, the school system is failing .

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      a collaboration of the Baltimore Community Foundation, Baltimore City Public Schools and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), the first Judy Center funded by a public-private partnership opened in Baltimore City. Also of note, in FY14, the passage of the Maryland Prekindergarten Expansion Act of 2014 (Senate


    • Baltimore City Landmark Designation

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      to white city schools constructed during that decade, such as Western High School.11 In fact, the school was given the status of a white school with its Public School number, No. 450.12 In the early 20th century, African American schools were numbered in the 100-series, and white high schools were numbered in the 400-series.13

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    • Baltimore County Public Schools - Ridgely Middle School

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      Baltimore County Public Schools provides students with a comprehensive service‐learning implementation plan that includes classroom initiated projects in our middle and high schools, approved student service in the community, and school‐wide service projects throughout the school year.

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    • Combating Chronic Absenteeism By Improving Public ...

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      public schools daily by the MTA). 49,354 were designated as Non-Riders. Problems with Public Transportation Hinder Students’ Abilities to Get to School on Time At the four Baltimore City Public Schools where the Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts (CFCC)

    • Evaluation of the Truancy Court Program in Baltimore City

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      mediation intervention Baltimore Students: Mediation about Reducing Truancy (B-SMART) in Baltimore City schools. TCP is one of several programs created over the years to address the high level of truancy in Baltimore City public schools. TCP is a voluntary, 10-week, in-school intervention program

    • Get the Facts - Mayor’s Scholars Program

      Giving Baltimore City public high school students a pathway to success and productive citizenship is the goal of the Mayor’s Scholars Program, an innovative partnership between Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) and Mayor Catherine E. Pugh. Who is eligible? • Graduates of Baltimore City public high schools regardless of income or GPA.

    • Report. INSTITUTION Baltimore City Public Schools, Md ...

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      Northern High School, Baltimore City Public Schools, to gain evidence indicating whether the use of programed instruction or the use of traditional instruction in high school. mathematics resulted in. greater mastery of subject matter, greater retention of subject matter, and better grades in first-year college mathematics courses.

    • Restorative Practices

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      Teacher, Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland Stanley Truman Pupil Personnel Worker & Maryland State Discipline Committee, Montgomery County, Maryland Restorative Practices Working Group Acknowledgements We are grateful to the thousands of youth, parents and educators who have led the movement away from zero-tolerance discipline policies in ...

    • Stuck in School: How Social Context Shapes School Choice ...

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      African American youth ages 15–24 who attended Baltimore City Public Schools at some point during their high school career. Research on school choice tends to rely on data from parents, and we offer a unique contribution by asking youth themselves about their experi-ences with school choice.