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    • Baltimore in Depth

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      Baltimore City Public School District (BCPS) operates 193 schools from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 in the City of Baltimore, serving 82,128 students. Respondents were asked whether they believed Baltimore City Public Schools have improved or declined in the past three years and whether they believed they had a role in ensuring the ...

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    • Health, Well-Being, and Education in an Urban School District

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      Bill 860. This bill established funding and oversight for the Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) 21st Century Buildings Program. This program will invest approximately $1 billion in new and modernized school buildings, paid for by City Schools, the State of Maryland, and the City of Baltimore.

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      Baltimore. 1912-Laws move the age of Compulsory Education to 14 years of age. 1925 -Move of control of the public school 1960-The Baltimore Public School system is 87,634 African American and 82,588 White. 1961-The Federal Civil Rights Commission states that Baltimore City Public Schools rose to the “Brown challenge” of school integration.

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    • Instructional Framework Baltimore City Public Schools

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      Instructional Framework Baltimore City Public Schools Teacher Support and Development Instructional Framework and Rubric PD grow through learning experiences in and out of school, so do our teachers. 1.4 School leadership supports highly effective instruction. also reflect on the Instructional Framework and School Leadership Framework in their ...

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    • Public School Enrollment Projections 2009 - 2018

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      This report, Public School Enrollment Projections 2009-2018, is an update of the Maryland Department of Planning’s annual report on public school enrollment statistics. The report provides projections of public school enrollment through 2018 by grade for each of the counties of the State and Baltimore City.

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    • Baltimore Public Schools - Reason Foundation

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      [the school system] or the solution of specific problems.” They agree to refer all complaints to him.1 Less than one year after Alonso became the Baltimore city CEO, in April of 2008, the Board of School Commissioners approved the Baltimore City Public School System’s decentralization plan called Fair Student Funding on a vote of nine to seven.


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      District-Wide Implementation The Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners and the Chief Executive Officer of Baltimore City Schools, Dr. Sonja Santelises, have pledged to make Baltimore City Schools (City Schools) a restorative practices district. City Schools entered into a partnership with Open Society Institute-


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      School Name School Number AM Bell Time PM Bell Time ... CN Fifth District Elementary 0501 9:00 3:30 NW Fort Garrison Elementary 0308 9:20 3:50 ... BALTIMORE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS OPENING AND CLOSING TIMES 2019-2020 Transportation Area School Name School Number AM Bell Time PM Bell Time


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      A School Voucher Program for Baltimore City 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Baltimore City’s public school system is in crisis. Academically, the school system fails on any number of measures. The city’s graduation rate is barely above 50 percent and students continu-ally lag well behind state averages on standardized tests.

    • Predicting High School Outcomes in the Baltimore City ...

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      The following volume of the Senior Urban Education Research Fellowship Series documents the work of Dr. Martha Mac Iver working in collaboration with the Baltimore City Public Schools. Both the research and reporting is the sole intellectual property of Dr. Mac Iver, and reflects her personal experience and perspective.

    • Arlington Elementary School DRAFT INSPIRE PLAN DRAFT

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      The Baltimore City Public School System Construction and Revitalization Act of 2013 resulted in a partnership between the City of Baltimore, the State of Maryland, and Baltimore City Public Schools, financing a program that is leveraging $60 million/year to provide approximately $1 billion in bond

    • City of Baltimore Maryland

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      education (elementary through high school, provided by a component unit, the Baltimore City Public School System), public improvements, planning and zoning, parking facilities, mortgage loan programs, industrial development, and general and administrative services.

    • FISCAL YEAR 2019 - Public School Construction Program

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      FISCAL YEAR 2019 . MARYLAND PUBLIC SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION . CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM . TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE ... V. Baltimore City Public Schools: The FY 2019 Capital Improvement Program and ... recommendations reflect the priority given to projects by the local school district, project ...

    • Maryland Commission on the School-to-Prison Pipeline and ...

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      3 School-related arrests by school district, 2015 4 School-related arrests and enrollment by race, 2015-16 5 Positive Discipline Terms in Local Codes of Conduct 6 Data from Homewood Center, Howard County, Maryland ... Erik Bandzak (Baltimore City Public Schools), Kathy Rockefeller (Anne Arundel County Public Schools), Robin McNair (Prince

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