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  • bank of america homeowners assistance

    • Coronavirus: Resources for Property Owners

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      •Homeowners who are adversely impacted by this national emergency may request mortgage assistance by contacting their mortgage servicer • Foreclosure sales and evictions of borrowers are suspended for 60 days • Homeowners impacted by this national emergency are eligible for a forbearance plan to reduce or suspend their mortgage payments for up to 12 months

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    • 2018 Environmental, Social ... - About Bank of America

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      In 2018, Bank of America provided $210 million in global philanthropic investments, including cash giving and in-kind donations. To date we’ve delivered $2.1 billion …

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    • Bank of America Announces Agreements in Principle With ...

      extend additional relief to homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments and to make refinancing options available to more homeowners. Under the agreements in principle, Bank of America expects to develop new or enhanced programs to provide borrower assistance and refinancing assistance, to make direct payments to state and federal governments and borrower restitution, and to …

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    • What you should know and expect - Allianz-assistance-ca

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      • p • h • y • s • s s e ! B I L O F R G H T S W E T S U P O R Prepare for your trip. Ready. Set. Go! TRAVEL INSURANCE What you should know and expect If you have any questions or need more information, call the number provided in your travel insurance package.

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    • Request for Mortgage Assistance - Bank of America

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      7. If I am eligible for assistance and accept the terms of a notice, plan, or agreement, I agree that the terms of this Acknowledgment and Agreement are fully incorporated into such notice, plan, or agreement by reference. My first timely payment, if required, after my Servicer's notification of my eligibility or



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      SUMMARY OF $7 BILLION IN CONSUMER RELIEF PROVIDED BY JUSTICE DEPARTMENT SETTLEMENT WITH BANK OF AMERICA Under the settlement reached with Bank of America, the bank has agreed to provide $7 billion in consumer relief to underwater homeowners, distressed borrowers and communities affected by the financial crisis. This consumer relief builds upon ...

    • Form 710 Uniform Borrower Assistance Form

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      Two months recent bank statements for the business account evidencing cessation of business activity; OR Most recent signed and dated quarterly or year-to-date profit and loss statement Other: a hardship that is not covered above Written explanation describing the details of the hardship and relevant documentation . UNIFORM BORROWER ASSISTANCE FORM

    • Mortgage Assistance Application - Bank of America

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      We will use the information you provide to help us identify the assistance you may be eligible to receive. If you need help completing this application, please contact Bank of America, N.A. at 800.669.6650. For a list of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies that can provide foreclosure prevention information, contact one of the

    • Mortgage Assistance Application

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      Mortgage Assistance Application . If you are having mortgage payment challenges, please complete and submit this application, along with the required documentation, to [servicer name] via mail: [address], fax: [fax #], or online: [website/email address]. We will contact you within five business days to acknowledge receipt and let you know if you need to send additional information or documents ...

    • Bank of America 2019 Spring Homebuyer Insights Report

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      homeowners are also more satisfied with where they live, their financial well-being and life overall than those who don’t own. At Bank of America, we’re committed to helping our clients – from Gen Zers looking to make their first home purchase to current homeowners who want to …

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