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  • basic financial terms

    • 18.S096: Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance

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      the mathematical concepts and techniques used in the financial industry. • Mathematics lectures will be mixed with lectures illustrating the corresponding application in the financial industry. • MIT mathematicians will teach the mathematics part while industry professionals will give the lectures on applications in finance.

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    • Accounting Basics

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      Introduction to Accounting Basics This explanation of accounting basics will introduce you to some basic accounting principles, accounting concepts, and accounting terminology. Once you become familiar with some of these terms and concepts, you will feel comfortable navigating through the explanations, quizzes, puzzles,

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    • Accounting Cheat Sheet - Learn Accounting Online for Free

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      Financial Statements Financial statements are general purpose, external financial statements prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles. Some terms that apply to the financial statements include: balance sheet reports the amounts of assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity at …

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    • Basic Ideas of Financial Mathematics

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      Basic Ideas of Financial Mathematics 1 Percentage The word \percent" simply means \out of 100". Thus if you have 55% in a test, it means you obtained 55 marks out of a possible 100.

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    • Basic Investment Terms - CCMI: Financial Advisor San Diego ...

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      Basic Investment Terms ANNUITY – A financial product sold by financial institutions pay out a stream of payments to the individual at a later point; primarily used as a means of providing guaranteed cash flow for an individual during their retirement years. ASSETS – Resources with economic value owned by a company, fund, or individual,



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      4 BASIC REPORTING PRINCIPLES nJanuary, 2002 U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission guidance on disclosures nDisclosure must be both useful and understandable nProvide most relevant information in language and formats that investors can be expected to understand nMore useful information in a single location, rather than presented in a fragmented manner

    • Financial Ratios Tutorial - Investopedia

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      The current ratio is a popular financial ratio used to test a company's liquidity (also referred to as its current or working capital position) by deriving the proportion of current assets available to cover current liabilities. The concept behind this ratio is to ascertain whether a company's short-term

    • Financial Terms and Definitions Handout

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      Financial Terms and Definitions Handout À la carte À la carte is the overall category for food items that are priced separately and sold separately from a reimbursable meal, including the sale of an extra entrée or milk. Accounts Payable Accounts payable refers to the amount the SNP owes, but has not yet paid, for goods delivered and services

    • Financial and Grants Management 101 Basics

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      Financial and Grants Management 101 Basics Financial and Grants Management Institute April 24 - 25, 2012 1 . ... Basic Financial & Grants Management Terminology. ... Financial and Grants Management Institute April 24 - 25, 2012 8 . Effective Financial & Grants

    • GLOSSARY OF TERMS - Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas

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      Failure to meet the terms of a credit agreement. Derivatives Derivatives are financial instruments that primarily derive its value from the performance of an underlying variable such as interest rates, FX rates, or financial instrument prices. The term

    • Glossary of Finance Terms - NACo

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      Glossary of Public Finance Terms 5 tions” pursuant to Section 265(b) of the Internal Revenue Code in any calendar year. Such bonds are more marketable, and thus price better in the market, because certain financial institutions that purchase the bonds are given more favorable tax treatment on money they are deemed to have borrowed to carry ...

    • Handbook on Basics of Financial Markets - NSE

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      Basics of Financial Markets is known as Interest. Interest is an amount charged to the borrower for the privilege of using the lender’s money. Interest is usually calculated as a percentage of the principal balance (the amount of money borrowed). The percentage rate may be fi xed for the life of the


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      The key aspects of financial management are the same for all businesses, large or small, regardless of how they are organized. Still, its legal structure does affect some aspects of a firm’s operations and thus must be recognized. There are three main forms of business organization: (1) sole proprietorships, (2) partnerships, and (3 ...

    • What are the 11 Basic Accounting Formulas?

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      Page 2 of 2 Formula 7: Total Liabilities & Equity This is the total obligation plus worth of the entity. Total Liabilities & Equity = Current Liabilities + Long-Term Debt + Shareholders’ Equity The next accounting formulas are needed to produce the Income Statement.