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  • bass associates payments

    • Public School Employee Health Insurance:

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      May 28, 2003 · It requires that school districts with less than 500 employees use a new statewide health insurance program, ActiveCare, to lower costs through group purchasing and to equalize teacher payments for their share of premiums across all districts. State funding for …


    • minutes102313 - Texas Department of State Health Services

      Jana Clift Williams, Allison, Bass & Associates; LLC, on behalf of Jim Allison; Keri Disney, Parkland Health System; Donald Lee, Texas Conference of Urban Counties; Windy Johnson, Texas Conference of Urban Counties; Julie Manning, University of Texas Doctoral Student - …


    • minutes102412 - Texas Department of State Health Services

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      TOBACCO SETTLEMENT PERMANENT TRUST ACCOUNT . ADMINISTRATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING. Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Minutes. The Tobacco Settlement Permanent Trust Account Administration Advisory Committee (AAC) met …

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    • MGCB - Michigan

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      BENTLEY PRICE ASSOCIATES, INC. - 3541 W OAK TRAIL RD, SANTA YNEZ, CA 93460 - (#002667) ... GE CAPITAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (d/b/a GE Capital C/o Ricoh USA Program) - 1738 Bass Road, Macon, GA 31210 - (#003192) ... GLOBAL PAYMENTS GAMING SERVICES, INC. (d/b/a Global Payments Gaming Services) - 7201 West Lake Mead, Las Vegas, NV …

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    • Major Points

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      2-C. Amy wants to save $26,000 to buy a bass fishing boat. If she can save $1,675 at the end of each year, and if she can earn a 3.92% average annual rate of return on her account’s balance, how many years will it take for her to amass the $26,000? What if instead she makes the $1,675 deposit at the beginning of each year?

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      3. Authorize execution of Retainer Agreement with Allison, Bass, & Associates to advise and represent the County . and individual members of the Commissioners Court in legal representation, appearances in any proceedings or . procedures as may be requested by the County, acting by and through its Commissioners Court, including any


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      + Administrative Costs A Amador Builders & Associates, LLC 2010-1257 $500.00 B All Around Plumbing & Services, LLC 2010-1257 $500.00 C 4-D Contractors, LLC 2010-30 $500.00 D Bayou Electrical Construction, LLC 2010-1275 $500.00 E Quality Plumbing and …

    • Granicus

      9:37 a.m. Board Action: Approved payments to the Special Magistrates as follows. Moved by Piro, seconded by Mason, carried by a 5-0 vote. A. Special Magistrate Richard Bass, in the amount of $4,250.00; B. Special Magistrate John McQueen, in the amount of $437.50; C. Special Magistrate Rick Rape, in the amount of $7,735.00;

    • Decatur County, Indiana

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      Jan 03, 2018 · Greg Fox of Dunn and Associates . presented cost differences for health insurance under a $60,000 and a $75,000specific. After some discussion, Mr Buening moved to support option B-$75,000 specific, Mr Koors seconded and Mr Nobbe concurred.

    • ELEMENTARY TEACHER HANDBOOK - ellington.k12.mo.us

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      Missy Bass. Elem. Guidance Counselor: Ceclie Goodman. High School Guidance Counselor: Nancy Bland. Nurse: Tonya Sharp. School Information Hotline (573) 663-5050. Use this number to find out information on school cancellations, lunch menus, activities, etc. Phone Numbers: Superintendent (573) 663-3591. High School (573) 663-2291 or 2292

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