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      Appeasement- belief that it is best to let an aggressive nation have what they want in hopes . that this will satisfy its leader and stop the aggression World War II- war that started in Europe when German began invading other countries; was . fought in Europe and Pacific



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      8. Which statement BEST describes this American Indian view of interaction with English settlers? A The settlers improved the land by clearing trees and planting crops. B The American Indians were willing to share the land. C The American Indians worried about food sources for the future.* D The settlers used land not needed by the Indians. 9.


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      It was a process by which to divide his territories among his generals. It was a system for winning the war prior to the American entrance. It was a way to amass more soldiers for the invasion of Russia. It was genocide of people the Nazis considered inferior The Battle of Midway was significant in that:

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      Killed all the good generals – puts a damper on foreign policy. Pretty much stays isolationist in 1920s. But…that Germany looks a bit dangerous. Ally selves w/ US, French and UK in Spanish Civil War. But…not enough. USSR signs peace pact w/ Germany – prepares for war. Gets part of Poland. Two liars lying to each other. VI.

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      Three successive plans were developed by the three successive generals commanding the home forces: Kirke, Ironside, and Brooke (Collier, 1958; Newbold, 1988; Lowry, 2004; Foot, 2006). The original plan to defend the islands in early May was developed by General Kirke, who identified that the main threat came from airborne troops, with


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      The year 1943 began badly for the German Army. On January 10th the 6th Army surrendered to the Soviet Union at Stalingrad. This defeat on top of the defeat of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s forces at El Alamein marked the end of the Third Reich’s drive for European supremacy.


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      AMERICAN PRISONERS OF WAR IN MANCHURIA WW2. Did you know that on 11 November (Remembrance Day, formerly Armistice Day) 1942 around 1,400 American Prisoners of War arrived at a Prisoner of War Camp in Mukden, Manchuria. These men, in very poor physical condition, were from the Philippines, many having survived the Bataan March.

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      Aug 29 1942 – WW2: The American Red Cross announces that Japan has refused to allow safe conduct for the passage of ships with supplies for American POWs. As the war came to a close, the Red Cross followed on the heels of liberating military forces to supply relief and aid to those suffering from the ravages of battle.