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    • Finding philosophy in science fiction

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      c.485-406 BCE Greek Tragedies (3 vols, U. of Chicago ed.) Thucydides c.460-400 BCE The Peloponnesian War Plato c.429-347 BCE The Republic (Larson trans., Harlan Davidson) Aristotle 384-322 BCE Nicomachean Ethics Virgil 70-19 BCE The Aeneid (Mandelbaum trans) Ovid 43 BCE-17 AD Metamorphoses (Mandelbaum trans.) Augustine 354-430 Confessions ...

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    • Books to Read Before you Die - Reeves' History Page

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      Winston stops reading for a moment. The book fascinates him. "It was the product of a mind similar to his own, but enormously more powerful, more systematic, less fear-ridden. The best books, he perceived, are those that tell you what you know already." Julia arrives and flings herself into his arms.

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    • EPQ SOW - aimed at students with an interest in Philosophy ...

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      Philosophy of Teaching Reading. RED 6351. Fall 2012. Kelly Josephson. Florida Atlantic University. To make meaningful use of material read, one must make connections. The top-down theory and the transactional theory of teaching reading connect what you already know to what you need to learn creating generalizations to worldly connections while ...

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    • What is philosophy? - Bellevue College

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      7 How to read philosophy Increased skill in reading complex and extended argument in classic and modern philosophical texts. Extracts from philosophers’ writings on the main philosophical topics considered so far.

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    • Suggested reading list for AS Philosophy & Ethics

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      read something else. Life is too short to read books you don’t enjoy, there are plenty of alternatives. Books are available in the school library and the department and, of course, cheaply online (Abebooks.com and Amazon.co.uk are two of the best) and departmental books can be borrowed with my agreement (there is a books sign out sheet).

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    • Great Books (2005-06)

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      Books to Read Before you Die.... The Holy Bible ** (Old Testament, especially, for the history, New Testament for the spirit...) The Bible as History (Keller) Mere Christianity, Screwtape Letters (Lewis...a rational, devoted approached to Christianity) Illiad, Odyssey (Homer) The Republic, The Trial of Socrates (Plato) Lives, Age of Alexander

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      One of the better known Sophists, Protagoras (481-411 B.C.), authored several books including, Truth, or the Rejection (the rejection of science and philosophy), which begins with his best-known quote, “man is the measure of all things, of those that are that they are, of those that are not that they are not.”

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    • Book review:

      The science fiction genre is rich with stories that explore classical philosophical questions and exploit timeless philosophical puzzles and paradoxes – the possibility and limits of human knowledge, Pyrrhonism, the nature of time, paradoxes of time travel, the possibility of free human action, questions of life and sentience, identity, morphing (changelings), etc.

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    • Philosophy Books: 10 Must Read Philosophy Books Of All Time

      Useful reading list for AQA Philosophy (don’t worry you aren’t expected to have to read all of this) In addition to . you. r class notes and homework you. should be doing . additional reading using some or . all of. these texts. ISBN number can be found in brackets. Highlighted works are available in the library.

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    • Theory of Knowledge Reading List

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      It is said that even the best-conditioned thinkers are using only 1/100 ... the classic tools of transformation into a simple philosophy of living. ... of the best books I have read as it looks ...

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