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  • best high yield investments

    • Putnam Tax-Free High Yield Fund

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      Putnam Tax-Free High Yield Fund Pursuing a high level of tax-free income Tax-advantaged income The fund pursues above-average income free from federal income tax by investing in higher-yielding, lower-rated municipal bonds. Focus on performance The portfolio managers select bonds that offer attractive return potential relative to risk and

    • Guggenheim Defined Portfolios, Series 1853 Corporate High ...

      high-yield bond investors have historically received greater returns from their high-yield investments than investment-grade bond investors. The sponsor believes that an investment in these securities offers investors who are willing to assume certain credit and market risks the potential to earn a high level of current monthly income.

    • The Case for Middle Market High-Yield Investing

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      high yield. And within the high-yield market, it’s the bonds on the lowest rung of the rating ladder—the B and CCC names—that tend to perform the best in a rising rate environment. While high-yield bonds feel the impact of rising rates like other high-quality bonds, the impact tends to be less dramatic. That is in large part due to the


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      PURPOSE INVESTMENTS INC. PURPOSE STRATEGIC YIELD FUND (FORMERLY REDWOOD STRATEGIC YIELD FUND) – ETF Share SYLD June 5, 2019 Page 2 LEGAL_1:49478729.1 lower returns and may have a lower chance of losing money. RISK RATING Purpose Investments Inc. has rated the volatility of this ETF as low to medium.

    • Putnam High Yield Fund

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      High Yield Bond Lipper category High Yield Diversification across market sectors Consumer cyclicals 18.4% Communication services 12.7 Basic materials 12.1 Energy 11.4 Financial 9.3 Health care 8.5 Capital goods 7.1 Consumer staples 5.1 Technology 4.8 Utilities 3.4 Transportation 0.2 Non-cash investments 1.0 Net cash 7.0 Allocations will vary ...

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