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  • best international etf funds 2018


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      a cautiously optimistic outlook for international equities. On June 6, 2018 the ETF’s independent review committee ... exchange traded funds, on terms and conditions that are ... considerations other than the best interests of the ETF, and (iii) achieves a fair and reasonable result for the ETF.



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      BMO Low Volatility International Equity ETF (ZLI) (the “ETF”) For the 12-month period ended December 31, 2018 (the “Period”) Manager: BMO Asset Management Inc. (the “Manager” and “portfolio manager”) Management Discussion of Fund Performance Investment Objective and Strategies The ETF seeks to provide exposure to the performance ...

    • Minimum Volatility ETFs for the core of your portfolio

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      U.S. equity mutual funds Helping you weather the market’s ups and downs combined with all the benefits you’ve come to expect from ETFs. Low cost1 2Tax efficient of the 1,627 mutual funds have a downside capture 81% vs. the S&P 500 Upside capture 81% ownside capture 0 ...

    • Picking the right ETF: What to know, what to avoid

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      Morningstar, as of 12/31/2018. Comparison universe is ETFs and mutual funds in the Morningstar category and uses total return. Overall figure is a weighted average of the percentage of funds that the iShares ETF outperformed in each style box, weighted based on the number of …

    • Vanguard FTSE International Index Funds

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      International Funds Average -8.67 International Funds Average: Derived from data provided by Lipper, a Thomson Reuters Company. • Global stocks rallied early in the 12 months ended October 31, 2018, but fell back amid trade tensions and tightening monetary policy. A rising U.S. dollar hurt international

    • Vanguard International Dividend Index Funds

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      The funds’ annualized six-month expense ratios for that period are: for the International Dividend Appreciation Index Fund, 0.16% for ETF Shares and 0.17% for Admiral Shares; and for the International High Dividend Yield Index Fund, 0.24% for ETF Shares and 0.23% for Admiral Shares. The dollar amounts shown as