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  • best investment for seniors


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      INVESTMENTS IN SENIORS Mayor Bowser’s FY 2019 budget expands investments for seniors to ensure that Washington, D.C. is the best city in the world to age and live well in. Through property tax relief, investments in transportation, in-home ... Includes a $4.5 million investment in the Safe at Home program so that seniors

    • Investing Tips - AARP

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      Investment What Historical returns Type it is (1925-2002) Stocks Ownership of 10.2% a piece (share) of a company Bonds A loan to a company 5.4% or a government Cash Cash or the 3.8% equivalent (savings deposits, money market funds, etc.) Diversify to Reduce Risk One of the best ways to balance your risk and rewards on your investments is to ...


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      NATIONAL SENIOR INVESTOR INITIATIVE ... This report highlights recent industry trends that have impacted the investment landscape and ... more than 13% of the population, were 65 or older in 2011.2 Moreover, the number of seniors living in the United States will increase dramatically in the future. For example, the number of

    • Investing in the Health and Economic Security of Older Adults

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      NCOA Public Policy & Advocacy 251 18th Street South, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22202 advocacy@ncoa.org Issue Brief Investing in the Health and Economic Security of Older Adults. Community-based programs that help older adults improve their health and strengthen their economic security enable seniors to maintain their independence and remain in their own homes and communities.


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      The purpose of this document is to encapsulate key considerations and best practices for dealing with a client base that is increasingly aging, with a focus on protecting senior investors and related supervisory, compliance and other practices when serving senior ... investment activities. Seniors are more susceptible to physical (e.g. hearing ...

    • Best Practices in action - Sonoma County, California

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      Best Practices in action StrategieS for engaging latinoS, SeniorS and low-income reSidentS of Sonoma county PrePared for: the sonoma county DePartment of health services May 2012

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