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  • best investments for over 65

    • MD Growth Investments Limited - Series A

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      Best and worst 3-month returns This table shows the best and worst returns for Series A shares of the Fund in a 3-month period over the past 10 years to April 30, 2019. The best and worst 3-month returns could be higher or lower in the future. Consider how much of a …


    • CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund

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      Munro Partners is a sub-advisor to CI Investments Inc. Over 35,000 financial advisors have chosen CI Investments as a partner. We believe that Canadians have the best opportunity for investments success by using the services of a professional financial advisor. Learn more at ci.com. 1 C om i s n, t ral g c efdx py bw h uv .P T

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    • Smart strategies for maximising retirement income

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      These investments can provide a regular and tax-effective income to help meet your living expenses at age 55 or over. They could also enable you to access (or increase your entitlement to) Age Pension benefits. To find out which strategies in this guide suit your needs and circumstances, we recommend you speak to a financial or tax adviser. Why you need to create a life-long income Important ...

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    • When to retire: Age matters! - BMO Bank of Montreal

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      of time pondering these variables, over which they have little or no control – and making choices based on how they assume things will turn out. Perhaps Canadians should be spending more time focusing on a variable that they can control more than most – namely, the age at which they choose to retire. In Canada, there is no mandatory retirement age, but the age at which one chooses to ...

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    • Sentry All Cap Income Fund

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      to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns measured over a period of years, not quarters or months. Sentry Investment Management is a division of CI Investments Inc., a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. Over 35,000 financial advisors have chosen CI Investments as a partner. We believe that Canadians have the best opportunity for investments success

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    • Building Seniors' Financial Capability - ASIC

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      Building Seniors’ Financial Capability Overview of market research conducted to support strategy development for the 55+ population This report summarises research conducted by research agencies on ASIC’s behalf and does not contain ASIC policy or regulatory guidance. For ASIC purposes, this is ASIC Report 537. It is available at

    • Your Estate Matters!

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      almost 10% of seniors (age 65 and over), typically life stages when people have accumulated the most assets and are approaching a time when their wealth will transfer to the next generation. An estate plan is always recommended if you have any assets at all, and is essential if you plan to take care of any dependants, such

    • The Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Growing a Business

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      month—is one of the best investments they can make. Never stop learning ATB runs Entrepreneur Centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Grande Prairie to connect business owners with useful information. We host workshops on a huge range of topics to help entrepreneurs in all stages of their careers. But useful information is everywhere.

    • Investor profile questionnaire - Sun Life Financial

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      This questionnaire is designed to assess your investor profile and identify the mix of SunUniversalLife or Sun Limited PayLife investment account options that may be best suited to you.It helps measure your sensitivity to risk, your investment time frame, stage of life, financial situation, priorities and goals.

    • Canada Pension Plan/ Quebec Pension Plan

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      How much can I expect to receive at age 65? The best place to get an estimate of how much CPP retirement benefit you can expect to receive is from your CPP Statement of Contributions. The Statement of Contributions is a record of your pensionable earnings and your contributions to the Plan. It also provides an estimate of what your CPP pension benefit would be if you were eligible to receive ...

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