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    • Investment Insights Expensive Municipal Bonds Create ...

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      Expensive Municipal Bonds Create Opportunities to Improve Yield and Credit Quality . Exhibit 1: After Tax Yields. As of August 14, 2019. Source: Bloomberg . Turning to the predicament that investors face in a low bond yield environment, whatever the type of bond we are considering, one common question is the tradeoff between bonds and cash.

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    • LIBOR and the MunIcIpaL MaRket - MSRB

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      SepteMBeR 2012 | liBor and the MuniciPal Market page 2 MuniciPal SecuritieS ruleMaking Board hOW dO state and LOcaL gOveRnments use the LiBOR index? The LIBOR index is widely used within the tax-exempt market even though it is based on interest rates that do not


    • MAAX Commentary July 2019: Staying the Course for Yield in ...

      The VanEck Vectors® Municipal Allocation ETF (“MAAX”) yield was 3.06% vs. 1.89% for the Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond Index, as of July 31, 2019. In July, MAAX returned 0.78% vs. 0.81% for the Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond Index. MAAX’s best performing position was in intermediate term investment grade bonds.

    • May 2019 I BOND RATE CHART - TreasuryDirect

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      SERIES I SAVINGS BOND EARNINGS RATES EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2019 Issue Date Fixed ... This chart shows all fixed rates, inflation rates, and composite rates for all Series I savings bonds issued.--When do the inflation rate and composite rate for my bond change? ...


    • Moody's US Municipal Bond Rating Scale

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      Special Comment Moody’s US Municipal Bond Rating Scale Summary This Special Comment reviews the results of Moody's municipal bond default study, which covers the period from 1970 through 2000, and discusses its implications for the meaning of the municipal rating scale in relation to the corporate

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    • Muni Bonds Best Practices - Government Finance Officers ...

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      –Under MSRB Rule G-23, a firm acting as an issuer’s municipal advisor is not allowed to resign in order to serve as underwriter for the proposed bonds. –Issuers should be aware of the key fiduciary relationships that do and do not exist between the municipal advisor, bond counsel, underwriter and the issuer. 16

    • Municipal Bonds: Understanding Credit Risks

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      Municipal bond default rates vary considerably depend-ing on a variety of factors, including the types of bonds issued and whether the ultimate obligor is a municipal entity or a non-municipal entity (i.e., a conduit bor-rower). For example, if you are considering purchasing municipal securities that finance speculative projects,

    • Municipal Market Focus - Fidelity Investments

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      Municipal Market Focus New Issue Premium Coupon Bonds Inside: understanding some basic principles of bond pricing can help investors make How bonds are priced Why an investor would pay a premium for a bond Factors in strategic bond investing Who gets a bond’s premium Why so many premium bonds are being issued in this market environment

    • Munis “hang 10” at summer end

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      when interest rates rise, there is a corresponding decline in the market value of bonds. Credit risk refers to the possibility that the issuer of the bond will not be able to make principal and interest payments. There may be less information available on the financial condition of issuers of municipal securities than for public corporations.

    • Vanguard Municipal Bond Funds

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      Vanguard Municipal Bond Funds See the inside front cover for important information about access to your fund’s annual and semiannual shareholder reports. Contents About Your Fund’s Expenses 1 Short-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 3 Limited-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 51

    • Ways to Buy Municipal Bonds

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      investment methods may work best. ... effect on the owners of municipal bond mutual funds than on the direct owners of municipal bonds. Many investors who buy individual municipal bonds intend to, and do, hold them to maturity, although ... interest rates cause the market value of