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    • Best Scopes For The Money 2018 – Top 10 [REVEALED]

      Spring airgun certified scopes are available, and should ALWAYS be used. Even then, scope problems can occur. Some just refuse to believe that a lowly pellet gun can distroy a rifle scope. "I used one on my.458 thunderbluss for years and it still works just fine. Do you really expect me to believe an AIR RIFLE will tear it up?

    • Boomershoot!

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      Rifle Scopes 63.9%. Decoys 59.8%. Duck Calls 68.1%. Ear Protectors 48.9%. Hunting Knives 73.9%. Bow and Arrow 37.6%. Rifle 78.9%. Shotgun 89.8%. Muzzleloader 22.0%. Securities/Investment Ownership. 86% of DU readers own investments. The median current market value of those investments is $101,000. Vehicle Ownership. Own any SUV, Pickup or Van ...


    • Cincinnati Revolver Club

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      This quote would best describe an attack from what . ... Scopes “Monkey” Henry FordTariff Women . Vaccine Eugenics Mass Manufactured Red Scare. Automobile Tin Pan AlleyFlappers Teapot Dome . Jonas Salk Great Migration Jazz Charles Lindbergh ... and spending money they didn’t have.

    • DC PHB_Section 6

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      Equipment varied from $200 CMP surplus rifles to top-of-the-line German rifles. I always enjoyed seeing the odd looking scopes, stretching almost as long as the rifle’s barrel. Every now and then, curiosity got the best of me, and I would ask if I could look through someone’s scope, shoulder their rifle…


    • Fitting and Mounting Scopes - CharlieDaTuna

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      They have invested their hard-earned money on a rifle and expect to be able to shoot it at least, reasonably well! Most of you will make your selection of a rifle based on the advice of others, whether it be from a magazine article, input received via the internet or personally from a friend or salesperson.



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      Take my word for it, five years ago a top end rifle at the Clinic was an off the shelf Remington 700. ‘Good’ ammo was factory ‘Match’, generally a .308 load with a 168-grain match bullet. As shooters didn’t understand the importance of a spotter, most brought the cheapest spotting scopes one could buy.

    • July 26, 1999 - Ducks Unlimited

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      The XXX rifle team would essentially have free, unlimited in-state recruiting money for some of the best prospects in the country. Finally, the completion of a university shooting facility would be essential to the long term success of the team.


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      Sniper Rifle: Sniper rifles are either slightly modified high-powered sporting rifles, modified battle rifles, or custom built rifles designed specifically for accuracy; all mounting high-quality rifle scopes. The most common types and actions are either bolt action sporting rifles, or …


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      Since most modern rifle scopes are adjustable in half (1⁄2), quarter (1⁄4), or eighth (1⁄8) MOA increments, also known as clicks, this makes zeroing and adjustments much easier. For example, if the point of impact is 3" high and 1.5" left of the point of aim at 100 yards, the scope needs to be adjusted 3 MOA down, and 1.5 MOA right.

    • THE SHARPSHOOTER - Fort Hill Rifle & Pistol Club

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      Examples of suitable bullseye guns include: S&W 22A, Browning Buckmark, Ruger MkII, MkIII and Ruger 22/45. These are all in the vicinity of $500 or less. For a beginner, the extra money is often better spent on practice ammo than on gun. The features to look for include a 4 inch or longer barrel and adjustable sights, or a mount for a pistol scope.