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    • Motor Vehicle And Fleet Management Best Practice Guidelines

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      Motor Vehicle and Fleet Management Best Practice Guidelines 4 This guide contains the basic elements that should be addressed by each university concerning the safe and legal use of vehicles operated by the university, whether they are university owned, rented, or …

    • F&I Best Practices and Performance Metrics

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      6 F&I Best Practices and Performance Metrics Conclusion Gross margins were down marginally in 2011, 14.4 percent as compared to 14.5 percent in 2010,22 making it all the more imperative that ...

    • Buying Cars Long Distance - My Classic Car

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      Buying Cars Long Distance You wouldn’t think of letting your kid buy a used car sight unseen, even in the next closest town. However, vintage car collectors regularly buy "used cars" from far distant sellers without a first-hand inspection.

    • How to Develop Dealership Pay Plans That Work

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      How to Develop Dealership Pay Plans That Work With Mike Bowers Compensation Consultant and Editorial Director, DealersEdge A New Look at Pay Plans and How to Create Workable Plans that Actually Help Dealership Long and Short T erm Goals! Presented by DealersEdge

    • Vehicle Sales Forecasting

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      with a best unbiased guess about the future. Estimating in unknown situations. ... including external factors in effect when the car was sold and create Days on Lot (DOL) scoring formulas ... Sales history analyzed - assigns an estimate for options

    • Ho w t o Se l l a Co l l e C t o r Ca r

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      Hershey, Pennsylvania, was a great way to expose it to tens of thousands of potential buyers. Key poinT Do a lot of homework before consigning your car to an auction. Each auction company has different strengths, so you need to pick a company and a venue that is best suited to the type of car you’re selling. Word of Mouth Another option to ...

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