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      • BHPH DEALER is the official bi-monthly publication targeted specifically for BHPH dealers nationwide. • BHPH DEALER is a bi-monthly publication published on the even months of the year. • BHPH DEALER is distributed to 10,400+ targeted BHPH dealers of NIADA, NABD, as well as all of the NIADA BHPH Dealer 20 Group members.



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      A PUBLICATION OF THE NATIONAL INDEPENDENT AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION 2010 FACTSANDSTATISTICS ONTHEUSEDMOTOR ... not necessarily represent the views of Used Car Dealer or the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. ... Alliance of Buy Here-Pay Here Dealers along with NCM Associates. Although this


    • BHPH Success Requires A Powerful DMS

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      credit-challenged customers financed, the idea of opening up a buy-here, pay-here (BHPH) operation or a related finance company seems to trend every few years among dealers reliant on the traditional indirect financing channel. But the benefits of making such a move does come with challenges. You can’t know what areas need your attention without

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      In October 2010 and January 2011, the National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD) and AutoTrader.com teamed up for a groundbreaking study to define the consumer profile of the average Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) customer and to understand the unique shopping needs of …

    • BUY HERE/PAY HERE (BHPH) - Innovative Dealer

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      BUY HERE/PAY HERE (BHPH) The BHPH is an arrangement that you as a dealer makes with the customer to finance the purchase of a vehicle. Unlike many finance arrangements no banks are involved, you are the financier and the customer will make payments to …


    • CFPB Examination Procedures Auto Finance

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      While BHPH dealers are mostly independently-owned entities that serve as the primary lender and receive payments directly from consumers, some larger BHPH dealers will sell or assign their contracts to specific BHPH finance companies once the contract ... CFPB Examination Procedures Auto Finance .

    • Capital for the BHPH Dealer! - apogeeINVENT

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      Capital for the BHPH Dealer! Thomas Hawkins Vice President CAR Financial Services, Inc. CAR Financial CAR Financial has been and continues to be a provider of capital for dealers in the Buy Here Pay Here marketplace for over 25 years. We are ... TRG Auto Finance BHPH Overview :

    • Occupational Licensing Industry News OLIN 2015 03

      Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealers New Information Effective immediately, new legislation revises the Collateral Recovery Act by prohibiting buy-here-pay-here (BHPH) dealers from using unlicensed repossessors. BHPH Dealer Defined A BHPH dealer is a dealer as defined by California Vehicle Code (CVC) §§241 and 285 that does the following:

    • WHITE PAPER How Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Can Benefit …

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      How Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Can Benefit From GPS Car Tracking WHITE PAPER ... Spireon GoldStar GPS Tracking Solution How BHPH Dealers Can Benefit From GPS Car Tracking l 02 However, with the uptick in auto loans, we are also witnessing one of the largest increases in auto loan delinquency rates ... The facts tell us that subprime and BHPH ...

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      your opinion of Buy Here-Pay Here, the fact is it’s a growing part of the auto sales and finance process and many Americans depend on it to obtain basic transportation. Buy Here-Pay Here is not new to the auto industry. Many dealers have offered BHPH services for years. Other dealers entered the BHPH market out of necessity during