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  • big intelligent words for cool

    • Chapter 3: Perception and Communication

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      Next invite students to share the constructs they use to interpret you (e.g., intelligent-unintelligent, funny-boring, attractive-unattractive, personal-impersonal). Record students’ stereotypes (e.g., will expect us to do readings, is open to conversations outside of class) …

    • Fluency Packet

      Fluency Packet Grades 6–8. Instructions. The packet below can be used regularly over the course of a school year to help students build fluency. There are enough passages to work on one per week.


    • Is Artificial Intelligence Possible

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      In other words, they can learn. Can they lead to successful artificially intelligent people? Puzzle Solving or Game Playing. If a robot or computer could play a game that we believe requires some skill and intelligence (albeit not much) would that be proof that the computer or robot is intelligent?


    • Lesson Title - size 18 - California

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      Determine the meaning of general academic and domain-specific words or phrases in a text relevant to a grade 4 topic or subject area. 4.5. Describe the overall structure (e.g., chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information in a text or part of a text.

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    • List of Common Antonyms - West Ada School District

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      Antonyms are words that mean the opposite or nearly the opposite of each other for one meaning. Both synonyms and antonyms are often used in tests and language drills. Below is a list of common antonyms. Please refer to district adopted materials for words specific to each grade level. above – below. absent – present. accident – intent ...


    • Love Is a Fallacy, by Max Shulman

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      Cool was I and logical. Keen, calculating, perspicacious, acute --- I was all of these. My brain was as powerful as a dynamo, precise as a chemist's scales, as penetrating as a scalpel. And - think of it! - I was only eighteen. It is not often that one so young has such a giant intellect.

    • Love is a Fallacy, by Max Shulman

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      Love is a Fallacy, by Max Shulman. Cool was I and logical. Keen, calculating, perspicacious, acute, and astute. I was all of these. My brain was as powerful as a dynamo, as precise as a chemist's scales, as penetrating as a scalpel.

    • The Lively Art of Writing

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      The words “principle” and “principal” are often confused because they sound alike although they are spelled differently and have different meanings. Sometimes the only way to master such words is to invent some private trick—a rhyme, a joke, any kind of nonsense that …

    • The Oxford 3000 wordlist - englishgoes

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      Title: The Oxford 3000 wordlist Author: lehrperson Last modified by: Kai Jackson Created Date: 8/31/2006 12:23:00 PM Company: gymnasium Other titles

    • Unit two, novel study: Big mouth and ugly girl

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      he is described as brainy (intelligent) as well as humerous. He is also a perfectionist (as demonstrated with his need to get his play perfectly written) Physical description: he’s tall, lanky (ungracefully thin – bony) and whippet-lean, whippet – a small slender dog of greyhound type, quick and brisk, like a whip.