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    • 3.3 Biological Resources

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      NIH: Authentication Plan for Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources . The quality of resources used to conduct research is critical to the ability to reproduce the results. NIH expects that key biological and/or chemical resources will be regularly authenticated to ensure their identity and validity for use in the proposed studies.

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    • 6. Injuries to Biological Resources

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      3.3 Biological Resources This section establishes the existing conditions and provides an evaluation of potential impacts to biological resources associated with the proposed program. 3.3.1 Environmental Setting The 12 Enhanced Watershed Management Program (EWMP) areas are each located within

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      6. Injuries to Biological Resources This chapter reflects the State Trustees’ current understanding regarding injury to biological resources at the Arsenal, and identifies proposed approaches for completing an injury assessment for these resources. Biological resources are defined in the DOI regulations as “those natural resources referred ...

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    • Biological Resources Chapter - Federal Aviation Administration

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      biological material (VBM, see definition below) are used only as intended. Dual-use Initially used to refer to the aspects of certain materials, information and technologies that are useful in both military and civilian spheres. The expression is increasingly being used to refer

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      Biological resources are valued for their intrinsic, aesthetic, economic, and recreational qualities ... Biological Opinion includes a summary of the information on which the opinion is based, and a ... listed species (see definition below).

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      Dec 29, 2017 · human‐built open space resources, thus ensuring the long‐term viability of the City. Ecological and Biological Resources Objective 3 Identify, protect, and improve significant ecological and biological resources in and around the City …

    • I. Biological Resources - Oakland, California

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      3. Rich forest biological resources, used wisely, can generate invaluable economic, social and cultural benefits. Destroying this natural treas-ure has far-reaching consequences for people, particularly for the many poor people who depend on forests for their livelihoods. 4. Forests are disappearing partly because they are undervalued, and

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      I. Biological Resources Setting This section describes the existing biological resources within the vicinity of the Kaiser Permanente OMC project, as well as project-related impacts on those resources. Applicable regulations that pertain to biological resources are presented, and potential impacts, and


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      A. Sensitive Biological Resources The ESL defines sensitive biological resources as those lands included within the Multiple Habitat Planning Area (MHPA) as identified in the City of San Diego‟s Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) Subarea Plan (City of San Diego 1995),

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      Biological Resources Analysis Brody Ranch Subdivision City of Petaluma, California . 1 . Monk & associates . 1. INTRODUCTION . Monk & Associates, Inc. (M&A) has prepared this biological resource analysis for the Brody Ranch project site (herein referred to …