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    • Biomanufacturing in Massachusetts Innovation Leadership ...

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      MassBio, have been designated as BioReady™, pre-permitted for bioman-ufacturing use. Colleges & Universities Hospitals Technology Innovators & Specialized Suppliers State Biopharma Companies massachusetts academic biomanufacturing centers of excellence • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Northeastern University • Tufts University

    • Chapter 43: The Immune System

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      protein TLR4 Flagellin TLR5 CpG DNA ds RNA TLR9 TLR3 Innate immune responses Toll -like Receptors (TLRs) TLRs are an important class of receptor proteins that bind to “Pathogen-Associated Molecular Patterns” or PAMPs • when bound to ligand TLRs trigger the release of signaling molecules that stimulate innate and adaptive IRs

    • European Biotechnology

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      ence market intelligence company Bio-Plan Associates, the number of bioman-ufacturingexperts concerned about leachables and extractables (L&Es) has doubled since 2009. “20% of responders cite L&Es as their single most impor-tant reason out of 23 reasons for not in-

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      Play the Game and List the 5 Amino Acids you coded for to make a protein below. 21. PART 5 Protein Synthesis Race Video Game: Use the link below to play the Protein Synthesis Race Video Game from the BioMan Biology Website. Click “Start a New Game” to begin. Read the screens and follow the directions to complete the game.

    • Protein Synthesis Race!!

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      Protein Synthesis Race!! On my website (kimestry.weebly.com), on the Honors Biology tab, click on the “Protein Synthesis Race” link! Part I: TRANSCRIPTION is the copying of a gene to make _____ . In order for transcription to occur, what must first happen to DNA? _____.


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      –Say It With DNA: Protein Synthesis Worksheet Practice Pays Student Handout (directions, tutorial, sample message, tRNA dictrionary) SAY IT WITH DNA -DNA Decoding Practice Sheet SAY IT WITH DNA Protein Synthesis Practice Sheet SAY IT WITH DNA MESSAGES 1-30 (3 pages, 30 to choose from; laminate, cut into strips and place in

    • Week 1 Monday (50 minutes) Tuesday (50 minutes) Wednesday ...

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      Week 1 Monday (50 minutes) Tuesday (50 minutes) Wednesday (50 minutes) Thursday (50 minutes) Friday (50 minutes) Objectives - Be able to describe how nanotechnology is currently used in consumer products. - Be able to provide examples of how an objects' characteristics change when at the nano-scale - Be able to design an experiment with two

    • gene to protein webquest

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      Write the amino acids used to assemble your protein in order below. Methionine, Leucine, Aspartic Acid, Valine, Phenylalanine, Where does translation take place? In the ribosome of the cell. 5. Once assembled, what is the key to a protein’s unique function? The manner in which proteins fold is the key to their function. From Gene to Protein ...