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    • ST. PAUL’S HAPPENINGS June 2017 St. Paul’s Happenings

      ST. PAUL’S HAPPENINGS June 2017 St. Paul’s Happenings St. Paul’s United Church of Christ Manheim PA June 2017 LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE - THROUGH THE LOVE OF CHRIST – TOGETHER! ... “Day by day, the Lord added to their number those who were being ... Birthday We’re half way through the year – 6

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    • HAPPENINGS .k12.ga.us

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      Amazing day for all at Pooler! [Type here] ... Georgia Celebrates Pre-K Program’s 25th Birthday Last week, hundreds of state and local leaders celebrated the 25th birthday of Georgia’s Pre-K Program by reading to Georgia’s youngest learners as part of Georgia Pre-K Week

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    • 4-H Happenings!

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      4-H Happenings! News for 4-H families and friends ... Members must receive SMQA training two consecutive years during the years prior to their 14th birthday. ... Participants in this 10-day residential program will explore what it means for them personally to be a leader and will be led through a series of activities, programs, workshops, and ...

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      Happenings 3 We have a tradition of celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and this year it falls on the perfect night for a family gathering. Join families and teachers in your classroom(s) for a communal dinner and readings of our favorite

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      If your birthday or anniversary isn’t listed, please contact the church office so we may include you in our congratulations! ... Committee Reports-Evangelism reported they served less than 60 root beer floats on Father’s Day. Budget & Finance- they will be working with Long Range planning on the pictorial books for new members and to ad-

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      DAY GYMNASTICS 13 Early Release 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm In Our Hearts Veteran’s Program 14 GRADING PERIOD ... HORIZON HAPPENINGS On Time, All The Time! ... Monday, March 4th. This celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday is always a favorite of anyone who likes to read! On Wednesday, March 6th, we will celebrate our Young

    • CReATE STUDIO April 2019 Happenings Calendar

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      April 2019 STUDIO Happenings ... Birthday Celebrating and Learning new things through Classes, Field Trips and Scout Visits, Connecting With Others and so much more. Come spend time with us this month! ... • 4/27 The City Of Thousand Oaks Earth Day event at the Thousand Oaks Library from 9am-1pm where we’ll be hosting free eco craft fun.

    • Chat Happenings ies.org

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      Presidents’ Day – This day is an American holiday celebrated this year on February 18th. It was originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington. By the mid-1980s, Washington’s Birthday was known to many Americans as Presidents’ Day. George Washington and

    • Healthy Celebratory Birthday Treat Ideas

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      Healthy Celebratory Birthday Treat Ideas 1. Tropical Fruit Yogurt Parfaits. Yogurt costs a lot less when you buy it in large containers. You will need two 32-ounce containers of vanilla or favored low-fat yogurt, two cans of pineapple chunks, packed in their own juice (drained), and one box of whole grain cereal.

    • Sharon School Happenings 2017-2018

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      Sharon School Happenings 2017-2018 Here is an overview of what our year will look like. Monthly happenings will be shared at the beginning of each new month.

    • VOLUME 18, ISSUE 1 • JANUARY 2016 HCCC Happenings

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      VOLUME 18, ISSUE 1 • JANUARY 2016 HCCC Happenings A publication of the Communications Department INSIDE THIS ISSUE: From the Editor’s Desk HCCC Happenings is on

    • This Weekend

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      Douglas County Happenings 1 of 3 Friday, October 27th, 2006 There's always something 'happening' in Douglas County www.CelebrateDouglasCounty.com Please print this e-mail for the office bulletin board and/or forward it to persons in your personal or office e-mail address book. Help bring our community together by passing "Happenings" along to ...

    • Parent Note for Penny Collection Homework Card

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      Parent Note for Penny Collection Homework Card ... Cute facial expressions Their first day of school Their favorite games ... Any happenings of importance Baptism Favorite animals/pets First birthday cake Funny happenings Important happenings/events Sharing family happenings is an important way for students to record or write about their life ...

    • Happenings of Yesteryear - NYS Historic Papers

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      HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR SANDRA MOORE On Memorial Day about thirty friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore of Putnam Lake Road gathered at their home to celebrate the eighteenth birthday of their daughter, Sandra. A picnic was held on the lawn where tables were decorated with flowers and flags. A large birthday cake was the centerpiece.

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