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  • blackrock financial management

    • BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. (BFM)

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      Name of Investment BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. (BFM) Manager: This letter is submitted in connection with the below-listedInvestment Transaction. List below the name ofthe fluid or separate account in which the Plans are investing For investment management agreements, list the name ofthe investment strategy.

    • Better portfolios. Better futures.

      is BlackRock’s business. And because we have purposefully invested in developing our platform, our technology and our people for more than 30 years, we have the capabilities to create better portfolios that help more and more people achieve better financial futures and, ultimately, experience financial well-being. 1 BlackRock Annual Report 2018

    • BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited

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      BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. - 549300LVXYIVJKE13M84 15.86% 23.38% N/A N/A N/A Class of Instrument Contracts for Difference Notification if <1 average trade per business day in the previous year N Top 5 Venues ranked in terms of volume (descending order) Proportion of volume ...

    • BlackRock Investment Management, LLC

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      BlackRock Investment Management, LLC is registered as an investment adviser with the SEC. Registration as an investment adviser does not imply any level of skill or training. Additional information about BlackRock Investment Management, LLC is available on the SEC’s website at . www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

    • Financial Information

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      The selected financial data presented below has been derived in part from, and should be read in conjunction with, the consolidated financial statements of BlackRock and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” included elsewhere in this Annual Report.

    • 4 de janeiro de 2018 Banco Comercial Português, S.A ...

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      BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. BlackRock International Holdings, Inc. BR Jersey International Holdings L.P. BlackRock Group Limited BlackRock (Netherlands) B.V. 7 Notes i Please note that national forms may vary due to specific national legislation (Article 3(1a) of …

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