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      Blackrock S&P 500 Stock Fund WFSPX .05%. T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund TRBCX .15% ... Market Index Wilshire 5000 Index Small Cap US Equities Small Cap Value Russell 2000 Value Index Small Cap Growth Russell 2000 Growth Index Aggressive Growth Mid and Small Cap Growth Russell 2500 Growth Index International Equities International Stock ...

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    • Overview | CSW Industrials Inc.

      The vesting of these awards will be calculated by (1) determining the Company’s TSR percentile ranking among the Russell 2000 Index members and (2) multiplying the number of performance shares granted by the applicable interpolated percentage of shares earned as set forth in the following vesting schedule: 2019 Proxy Statement 33. Back to ...

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    • Investors | Amgen Inc.

      Blackrock Funds V High Yield Bond Portfolio Class K. Mutual Fund 738,118 units. ... Northern Trust Collective Russell 1000 Value Index Fund - Non Lending* Collective Trust Fund 1,978 units. 829,341. ... Northern Trust Global Investment Russell 2000 Growth. Index Fund - Non Lending* Collective Trust Fund 935 units. 373,754.

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    • Fidelity National Financial


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    • [DOC File]Microsoft Word - 2019.04.01 Participant Investment Change ...

      Fidelity Small Cap Index Fund. FSMDX. Fidelity Mid Cap Index Fund. FBKWX. Fidelity Advisor Total Bond Z. DWFIX. DFA World ex US Government Fxd Inc Instl. DFFVX. DFA U.S. Targeted Value Portfolio I. CSZIX. Cohen & Steers Real Estate Secs Z. BTMKX. iShares MSCI EAFE Intl Index K. BPLBX. BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond K. Ticker. Investment ...

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    • [DOC File]MetLife Implementation Worksheet Cover Page

      FUND NAME. Select Default fund FFA ... 457 SDIO Check off any Excluded Funds BlackRock Bond Income Portfolio unavailable unavailable IB1482 METIB MFS Total Return MT1482 METMT MT1482 METMT Met/Artisan Mid Cap Value Portfolio HV1482 METHV HV1482 METHV Fidelity VIP Equity Income FE1482 METFEI FE1482 METFEI Loomis Sayles Small Cap Core Portfolio ...

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      BlackRock Fund Advisors, a subsidiary of BlackRock, beneficially owns 5% or greater of the outstanding shares of the security class reported on the Schedule 13G/A. ... 2020 and the Russell 2000 Index for the past one, three and five-year periods. 32. Table of Contents. Executive Compensation Philosophy and Practices. Our compensation programs ...

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    • Investor Relations | Kirby Corporation

      Participants may direct their investment contributions to the following investment funds: Invesco Stable Value Retirement Fund CL1, Blackrock Russell 2000 Fund, Northern Trust Collective Aggregate Bond Index Fund, Northern Trust Collective All Country World ex-US Index Fund TR2, Northern Trust Collective S&P 500 Index Fund L1, American Beacon ...

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      The CenterPoint Energy Common Stock Fund (Company Stock Fund) is an investment option under the Plan. A Participant may not elect (i) that more than 25% of future contributions (including Company matching and non-matching contributions) be invested in the Company Stock Fund or

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      Equity index fund strategies seek to replicate the return of an index of a specific financial market, such as the Russell 1000 Index or Russell 2000 Index. Note 5. Party-In-Interest Transactions. At December 31, 2020, the Plan held 1.6 million shares of the Corporation's common stock at a fair value of $222 million.

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    • [DOCX File]MetLife Implementation Worksheet Cover Page

      Russell 2000 Index. RI1482. METRI. MSF Baillie Gifford International Stock Portfolio - Class A. unavailable. ... Blackrock Capital Appreciation E. AE1482. METAE. MetLife Asset Allocation 100 Portfolio ... The default fund election is established to allow investment of participant deposits if an enrollment form is incomplete or not received by ...

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    • Ashland Global Holdings Inc.

      Based upon information contained in the Schedule 13G/A filed by BlackRock, Inc. (“BlackRock”) with the SEC on February 5, 2020, BlackRock beneficially owned 5,945,671 shares of Ashland Common Stock as of December 31, 2019, with sole voting power over 5,555,694 shares, shared voting power over no shares, sole dispositive power over 5,945,671 ...

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      Blackrock Extended Equity Market Fund F* Common Collective Trust 210,395 units. 5,844,772. Northern Trust Collective Extended Equity Index Fund* Common Collective Trust 4,035 units. 553,397. Total Small-Mid Cap Index Asset Class. 6,398,169. Small-Mid Cap Value Asset Class: Northern Trust Collective Russell 2000 Value Index Fund – Non-Lending*

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      The Stable Value Fund is a self-managed fund designed to deliver safety and stability by preserving principal and accumulating earnings. This fund invests in a portfolio of GICS, short-term investment funds, high-quality short-and intermediate-term U.S. bonds, including U.S. government treasuries, corporate debt securities, and other high ...

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    • CenterPoint Energy

      5. Stable Value Fund. The Stable Value Fund utilizes synthetic guaranteed investment contracts (Synthetic GICs). A Synthetic GIC includes a wrap contract issued by an insurance company or other financial institution and a portfolio of fixed income assets that are owned by the Stable Value Fund.

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