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      Step 3. Calculate the present value of the coupons and the par value;. • Step 4. Add up the two present values to calculate the bond price. Zero-Coupon Bonds.

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      Notice that the price of the bond goes into the formula for i in two places. It is in the top of ... its face value – i.e., its principal – which it almost never is. The interest ...

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      To calculate the value of a debt security, we discount the future cash flows -- the interest ... 1 The maturity value is also referred to as the face value of the bond.

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      coupon rate, and a face value of $1,000 per bond. You now go through ... bond values fall). We can calculate this with a simple YTM calculation on our HP10bII.

    • CHAPTER 10 Bond Prices and Yields

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      paid at maturity is referred to as bond principal, par value, stated value, or face value. The periodic .... a standard calculation for the present value of an annuity.

    • Chapter 06 - Bonds and Other Securities

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      F = face value (par value) of the bond, often (but not always) ... Premium / Discount Formula ... Now applying the basic formula to the second bond, produces.

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      such a bond can be computed by using present values with current spot rates ( e.g., the ... In the above formula we used simple linear scaling for the interest rate  ...

    • Introduction to Bonds - George Brown College

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      payments (annuity), and a final sum (face value) upon maturity of the bond. Bonds ... The purchase price of a bond can be calculated using the following formula:.

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      conventional calculator. (a) Suppose a bond has a face value of $1000, a coupon rate of 6%, and matures in 5 years. If the yield to maturity is 8%, what is the ...