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    • [DOC File]Review of Literary Forms of the Bible – Page 31 To Know ...

      Are the 66 books of the Bible the word of God? If so, then give a defense of the Protestant Canon. Explain why we should reject books like the Apocrypha and the book of Mormon. Read: Chapter 4: The Four Characteristics of Scripture: (1) Authority. Q4: What do we mean by biblical authority? In your own words, define the authority of Scripture. Q5:

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    • [DOC File]Pentateuch Summary - Seattle Christian Assembly

      Unit 11—Summary* * Unit 11 includes a summary of The Old Testament Story, as well as a summary of The New Testament Story. A True-False statement similar to the following example will appear in each of the quizzes for units 1-11: True or False. I have read and studied Unit 1 (Prolegomena to the New Testament) in the course workbook.

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    • Synopsis of Bible Books - One paragraph summary for every book i…

      Summary and Conclusions 35 The Old Testament Section. I. Introduction. There are FOUR basic divisons of the Old Testament section of the Bible: 1. The Law - What is Right and Wrong. 2. Historical Books - Books About the Past. 3. Poetic Books - Books for the Heart. 4. The Prophets - Books about the Future. II. Summary: III. Time-Span: The Law ...

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    • [DOC File]Pentateuch Summary

      LITERARY FORMS IN THE BIBLE – A SUMMARY. The BIBLE is a collection of books organised into 2 sections: What does the term LITERARY FORM mean? _____ THE OLD TESTAMENT – uses mainly narrative i.e. stories THE NEW TESTAMENT – contains the 4 Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and shorter literary forms such as: MYTH ...

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      Here are a few of the reasons why Acts—and thus our study of this book—is so important. 1. Makes up over one-fourth of the entire New Testament

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    • [DOC File]Methods of Bible Study

      Bible. New Testament. New Testament Books. Matthew - summary of Christ’s life by Matthew (tax collector) Mark - summary of Christ’s life by Mark (had a big house) Luke - summary of Christ’s life by Luke (doctor) John - summary of Christ’s life by John (fisherman) The Acts of the Apostles - written by Luke. Romans - Paul’s epistle to ...

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    • [DOC File]Genesis

      A SUMMARY TO THE PENTATEUCH: WORKSHEET. 1. Recall one character or story from the Pentateuch that you have learned from. Write down what God wants you to learn from this character or story. 2. “Types” from the Pentateuch which are shadows of the New Testament. Write down all the parallels you can remember.

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    • [DOC File]A Panorama of the Bible

      A. These five books form a backbone for the rest of the OT. and NT (Deut 26:5-10; Josh 24:2-13; Acts 13:17-41). B. The books contain a chronological and theological. progression: The Pentateuch: The re-establishment of God's rule on earth through man over evil and over all creation. 1. Genesis: The origin, the promised blessing of the seed in

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    • [DOC File]Study Guide to Wayne Grudem's

      Materials: resources; books; equipment; worksheets, (needs to be listed in details so that you begin to think time and usage) Age Level/Audience Review: (this is the place to put in the review of the past week’s lesson objectives and seek practical ways the students applied the principles and/or truths

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