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    • #2 How Much Can You Afford?

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      home. Work with your REALTOR® to submit a signed proposal specifying the purchase price, terms and conditions to the seller. A home inspector will examine the home’s condition and alert you to any issues that may be present. ... Your 10 Steps To Buying A Home (877) 508-4611.

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    • Checklist for Buying Land

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      Checklist for Buying a Building Site Here are some of the many things you will want to check before buying land on which to build: Building Permit* Most important: Can you get one for the site? Neighborhood Will your house fit in with others on the street? You don’t want the most expensive house in the neighborhood.

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    • Checklist for Buying a Rental Property

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      Checklist for Buying a Rental Property So you would like to buy a rental property? Congratulations! Now comes the hard part that will require due diligence and patience. Owning a rental property will require extensive research, a financial commitment, and a significant role in maintaining the property. 1. Assess your financial requirements and ...

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    • Forms & Checklists

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      Exceeding Buyer Expectations Checklist The Exceeding Buyer Expectations Checklist is designed to exceed all expectations of service any client might have. Complete ? When What (examples) Notes ... o Buying vs. Renting o Buying a Home (FAQ) o Step by Step Process (with space for Dates)

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    • Home Buyer’s Workbook - NACA

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      HOME SAVE COMMUNICATING WITH NACA WEB-FILE NACA creates your personal Web- fi le for you to making a counseling appointment, get updates on your status, identify your next steps, submit necessary documents into your electronic fi le, and much more. Your Web-fi le is your go-to place. Go to www.naca.com and Click on “Web-fi le”.


    • Home Comparison Chart 8fm.com

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      Home Comparison Chart Features House #1 House #2 House #3 Address Price Square footage Number of garages Patio/porch Fireplace Spa/jacuzzi Storage space Exterior Air conditioning Heat Landscaping Lot Size Real estate taxes Association dues Type of house Number of bedrooms Number of baths Kitchen Formal dining room Family room Living room ...

    • Home Wishing Checklist

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      Home Wish Checklist Use this checklist to help determine the elements that are important to you as you look for a property. Print the checklist and use the notes and reminders space to write down other desired features. Financial details Amount you’d like to spend: Home type New Older Single-family Townhome Duplex or bi-attached home Condominium

    • New Home* Buying Checklist - Financial Services | CIBC

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      New Home* Buying Checklist Now that you’ve decided to buy a new home, the challenge will be finding one that suits your budget and lifestyle. You’ll probably be looking at several properties, so use this New Home Checklist to track the unique features and details of each.

    • Residential Closing Checklist for Buyers

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      Residential Closing Checklist for Buyers By: Gregory Braun ... some communities require a home inspection by the building department. Other communities require a copy of the contract, deed or state transfer declaration. ... termite and mold). Also, if you are buying a condominium unit, make sure you received the 22.1 Condominium disclosures and ...

    • Shopping for Homeowners Insurance Checklist - HelpInsure

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      Shopping for Homeowners Insurance Checklist . If you’re buying a new home, you should start thinking about homeowners insurance before you find a house and begin shopping for coverage as soon as you enter into a contract. Getting Started • Determine how much coverage you need. Buy enough coverage to replace your home if it’s destroyed.

    • The Money Advice Service: Property Viewing Checklist

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      viewing a property. If you're interested in a home, take this checklist along with you. Looking carefully at the start could save you wasted fees and repairs later on. Property viewing Checklist 1 of 3 Damp Look for signs of damp on the ceiling, in the corner of rooms, under window sills and doors Peeling wallpaper and brown stains on the walls and

    • The essential checklist for ˜rst- time home buyers

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      checklist for ˜rst-time home buyers If you're feeling overwhelmed trying to understand the process of buying your home, you're not alone. Our step-by-step overview can help make sense of the home buying journey. 1. 5 things you’ll need for pre-approval Get pre-approved Getting pre-approved means that a lender has reviewed your income,

    • Y O U R OM VE MOVER CHECKLIST - Bed Bath & Beyond

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      HOME DÉCOR Toss Pillows Slipcovers Picture Frames Wall Art Area Rug/Door Mats Lighting/Lamps Shelving Furniture/Bookcases Wall Hanging Kits Y O U R O M V E MOVER CHECKLIST Moving? Let Bed Bath & Beyond be your destination for your moving solutions.


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      YOUR GUIDE TO BUYING YOUR HOME Prepare for It Closing day marks the end of your home - buying process and the beginning of your new life! To make sure your closing goes smoothly, you should bring the following: A certified check for closing costs and down payment. Make the check payable to