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    • 10 WAYS TO

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      know someone who bought a car from us, so you already know we call ourselves the Credit Experts. And this free book will give you the top 10 ways to improve your credit situation. Yeah, credit problems are easy to create and hard to solve, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You can do it, if you follow these easy ways to boost your credit

    • A good working knowledge of the UCC is critical to your ...

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      or a trustee in bankruptcy, even if you provided financing for the automobiles that are the collateral. The good news is that once you know how to create and perfect a security interest, it is easy to establish routine procedures to make sure it is done right, each and every time.

    • AUTO

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      details about your car. For those financing a vehicle. GAP can cover the difference ... Dealers who violate the Federal Used Car Rule ... There is a LOT of paperwork involved when buying a car, which makes it easy for agreed upon terms to be lost

    • BUYING

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      kept the car in near-perfect shape, the car will be worth just 74% of its initial purchase price. So that same Prius V would now be worth only $19,739 - meaning you’ve lost $6,936. Before buying new, be sure you’re ready to make that hefty commitment. If you’re buying used, the loss that new car …


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      Most dealers are familiar with the requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Federal Trade ... prosecution of international money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Under the USA Patriot Act, the term ... easy for dealers to customize them for their own use.

    • Consumer Protection Guide for Consumer Affairs Counselors ...

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      by some car dealers. Consumers who have financial problems may choose to obtain a title loan ... This time period should be easy to determine ... If a dealer says something about financing or car loans, consumers should ask the dealer to put the statement in writing.

    • Fast Forward in Automotive Finance

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      number of consumers are willing to finance a car online, so the process in and of itself is appealing; in fact, 52% would complete the end-to-end financing online, compared to only 42% who would purchase a car online, confirming that it’s easier to choose a financing offer online than to make a complex purchase like that of a car,

    • How to Buy a Used Car

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      How to Buy a Used Car Page 1 ... New Car Dealers: While new car dealers will have the highest asking price on used vehicles, they are your best source for certified pre-owned cars. They may also offer financing deals and warranties. 3. Used Car Dealers: While used car dealers rarely offer warranties, ...

    • Staying Ahead as Auto Finance Goes Digital

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      car Buying For many people, buying a car is a series of hassles. It requires scouting a car at a dealer, getting a first quote, and comparing it with quotes from other dealers and websites—then returning to the dealer and negotiating again. Once the price is agreed upon, there’s financing to arrange. The

    • This Month 5 Fun Easter Family Traditions to Start this ...

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      If you are in the market for a car you are entitled to this information. It is availa-ble to you absolutely FREE with no cost or obligation. To request your free copy of this special industry expose’ visit my report request web site at: This Month In History 5 Fun Easter Family Traditions to Start this Year

    • Trade-In Strategies

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      Trade-In Strategies: How to Get Thousands More for Your RV Than the Dealer Was Willing to Give You. 2 According to one industry source, a typical RVer will buy 3.5 RVs during his or her lifetime. Obvi-ously, the first time you buy an RV, you won’t have one to sell or trade in. ... It’s gotten very easy to find a buyer for your RV (more on ...


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      car dealers attend and use to source vehicles to fill their lots. Many auto auctions also designate ... and easy process that will provide you with important information to help you buy a used car at a fair price. ... with additional benefits like special financing and a roadside assistance program.

    • YOUR ROAD TO CONFIDENCE - The Hartford

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      Bottom line, car dealers buy used cars as cheaply as possible and sell them for the highest price they think they can get. If you consider that many car dealers make more money selling used cars than new cars, you’ll realize the profit potential. Granted, selling the car yourself is more time-consuming. However, if you are willing to put

    • Your Vehicle Return Made Easy. For SmartLease Customers.

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      Your Vehicle Return Made Easy. For SmartLease ... Ally financing is available if ... In addition, if you purchase the vehicle, excess wear and mileage charges do not apply. 3. Purchase a new vehicle If you want a new vehicle and prefer to buy it, you may want to look into traditional