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      auto loan application form I / We affirm that the statements made in this application and the information given by me/us are true and correct and that any material misrepresentations or falsity therein will be construed as an act to defraud EASTWEST BANKING

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    • Audits of Automobile Dealerships Independent Used ...

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      industry audit procedures performed for audits of used automobile dealerships. Independent Used Automobile Dealerships Introduction The used car industry is composed of new car dealers who accept trade-ins on the sale of new automobiles and can also purchase used vehicles directly from customers, other car dealers, or at

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    • Car Dealers Are Lenders/Creditors When the Consumer Gets ...

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      Car Dealers Are Lenders/Creditors When the Consumer Gets both the Car and the Financing from the Dealer For the millions of consumers who get both the vehicle and financing at the dealership, auto dealers are “creditors.” Both the contract and the law say so. Take a look at the attached sample of a typical motor vehicle

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    • Credit Union Auto Loans Vs. Dealer Financing

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      Sales tax only has to be paid on $22,000 as opposed to $25,000….a savings of approx. $200!!! Setting up the loan payment on a bi-weekly payment through payroll deduction… payroll ppy $ pyayment is $209.50 and the loan will payoff in 55

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    • Customers Want

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      Source: Harris Interactive Car Financing Survey - April 2011 Dealers who go out of their way to help educate car buyers about financing the vehicle purchase will likely stand out and differentiate ...

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      DEALER AGREEMENT (RECOURSE OR REPURCHASE CONTRACTS) This Dealer Agreement ( ˝hereinafter the Agreement ˛), made this day of _____ 20__, Is made between AUTO FACTORS, INC., a corporation doing business in NY, NJ, CT and TX maintaining its principal place of

    • Dealer Floor Plan Financing

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      Chrysler dealers that are viab le but have lost their access to floor plan financing when their lenders stopped making those loans. In addition, some of the dealers slated for downsizing may still be viable as used car, service and repair providers. In fact, the majority of new car dealership

    • Future of automotive retail

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      and business-car sharing, electric vehicles and an increasing role of used cars and fleet) are causing automakers and automotive retailers to rethink their current business model. Customers are able to quickly interact and easily access information across media and devices — anytime, anywhere. This needs to reflect in the customer experience and marketing strategies. “chieving this ...

    • Loan Discrimination At The Auto Dealership: Current Cases ...

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      Imagine walking into an auto dealership with the intention of purchasing a new car. After walking the showroom floor and test-driving a mid-sized sedan, you tell the salesperson that you’d like to purchase the car but, in order to do so, you will need financing. The salesperson hands you some papers to fill out which request the routine


      chooses to finance the vehicle from the same dealership under a four-year financing arrangement, she will own the car outright at the end of the four years and the monthly financing . THE TA FACTOR 3 payments will be $644 (at an interest rate of 2.49%), as no down payment is required. All amounts include sales tax. We have quantified the tax deductions and income inclusions discussed. The ...