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    • Board Minutes – San Antonio, TX March 15th, 2008

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      Jerry Courson the director of the Alamo BCA chapter officially welcomed the Board of Directors and all attendees to San Antonio on behalf of his chapter. Approval of Seattle Board Meeting Minutes: Bill Darrow asked for an approval of the minutes from Seattle. Barney made a motion to accept, Dick Gauchat 2nd, all in favor and minutes were approved.

    • Efficient Dynamics

      BMW of North America, LLC announced the names of its top performing dealerships in the U.S. This year, 24 out of 338 BMW dealers nationwide were awarded the “2010 Center of Excellence” (COE). The Centers were selected based on the criteria of customer satisfaction, outstanding brand representation, operational excellence and profitability.

    • Escondido Historical Society Collection

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      Mission San Antonio de Pala. Mission San Diego de Alcala. Mission San Juan Capistrano. Mission San Luis Rey. Mission Santa Ysabel (See also Native Americans: Pala) Missions: California. Mitchell, Lloyd. Mobile Homes & Mobile Parks. Moments in History. Moon, A. R. Moosa Canyon – See also Frazee, Isaac. Moose Lodge. Mormon Battalion Pamphlet ...

    • HEADLINE: Second best Top 5 list I’ve ever heard – James C

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      Then along comes Huizenga. In essence, he cuts a deal with the studios to get copies for $6 instead of $65 plus a revenue sharing arrangement. Now everything works. Sure, the mom and pop’s sued and it was recently thrown out of a San Antonio court a few weeks back, but by the time it reached a decision (years) Blockbuster is now too big to stop.

    • JAN27TRN.DOC

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      The lieutenant governor hasn't appointed his members yet, but the governor has appointed Mr. Houghton, our ringer, Joe Cryer from San Antonio, and William Madden. And what they will do is they will look at how effective the gas tax is, is it truly able to meet our needs even if it's raised, even if it's stretched, even if it's turned inside out.

    • Personal Use of University-Provided Vehicles and …

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      The San Marcos area includes a 50-mile radius of San Marcos, but does not include the greater Austin area or the greater San Antonio area. The reimbursement for excess business mileage is only reimbursed at 50 percent of the federal mileage rate, as published by the State Comptroller’s Office.

    • Spots n Dots

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      Spots N Dots The Daily News Of TV Sales December 5, 2017. FORECASTERS SEE 3% 2018 AD GROWTH. U.S. TV FLAT WITHOUT OLYMPICS & POLITICAL. Forecasts for 2018 ad spending growth are pretty much in sync from three big ad agency networks—

    • The

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      The study clearly showed that repairs conducted at new car dealerships cost consumers on average 34 % more than at the independent repair shops, thus resulting in $11.7 Billion in excess costs annually. Los Angeles consumers pay, as much as, 46.8% more at new car dealerships, for repairs.

    • investors.carlotz.com

      San Antonio is one of our more recent hubs. We opened this hub with less than $250,000 investment, we opened it in under four months. Our new hubs, we've estimated about $750,000 investment, to be conservative, and we've estimated four months to open.

    • investors.carlotz.com

      Used and new car dealerships and companies that provide listings, information and lead generation, as well as car-buying and car-selling services designed to help potential vehicle sellers and buyers and to enable dealers to reach these vehicle sellers and buyers, are …

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