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      The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC or the Agency) recently conducted research in the auto-lending space to better understand market conduct, the regulatory framework, and growing microeconomic risks. This report focuses on the auto loans offered by federally regulated lenders and the risks posed to consumers by extended-term loans.

    • Buying a Car

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      Buying a Car . For the average Canadian, a vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases made in a lifetime. Plus, ... All-in pricing protects Ontario car buyers . ... Negotiate the price of the new vehicle first before talking about your trade in or financing options.

    • Buying your first car in Canada - RBC

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      Buying your first car in Canada Getting you on the road faster In Canada, it is common for many people to own their vehicle. Regardless of whether that vehicle is new or used, most Canadian drivers need to borrow funds to purchase one. Benefits of an RBC Royal Bank® car loan for newcomers to Canada

    • Canadian Vehicle Market Review - News Media Canada

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      Source: DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc., GAC and CVMA 11 All Vehicles 2010 – 2015 •The new vehicle market reached a new record in 2015 with just under 1.9 million units sold •The Japanese and European brands continued to gain share at the expense of Detroit and Korean brands and import nameplate brands returned to their previous high of

    • Ontario Disability Support Program - Income Support ...

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      Ontario Disability Support Program - Income Support Directives 4.5 - Motor Vehicles Summary of Policy The value of a person's interest in a motor vehicle is exempt as an asset. If a second motor vehicle is required to permit a dependant to maintain employment outside the home, the value of the second motor vehicle is exempt up to a value

    • Ontario Works Policy Directives

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      Ontario Works Policy Directives 4.5 Motor Vehicles Legislative Authority Section 7(3) of the Act. Section 39 and 62(3) of Regulation 134/98. Audit Requirements . All motor vehicles are noted as assets, exceptions to these assets and transfer of such assets . are documented and on file.


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      Western Dealer Finance Centre Ontario Dealer Finance Centre 2850 Sunridge Boulevard NE Calgary, AB Canada T1Y 6G2 Phone

    • Tel: (416) 633 5545 Fax: (416) 633 5515

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      Priority Car Financing Corp may act as a lender or as an Off Site Finance Business Office for the dealer you are buying the car from. Off Site Finance Business Office includes but is not limited to Priority Car Financing Corp located at 3500 Dufferin St, Unit 601, Toronto, Ontario, M3K-1N2 with telephone nr …

    • Understanding Vehicle Financing

      2 Understanding Vehicle Financing With prices averaging more than $31,000 for a new vehicle and $17,000 for a used model from a dealership, you might consider financing or leasing your next vehicle. You have two financing options: direct lending or dealership financing.


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      possession of the Acquired Vehicle, then risk of loss passes to the Buyer on the Delivery Date. 2. Conveyance of Title. Seller shall convey title to Buyer upon delivery of the