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      the car owner - though not at fault for the accident – will be left without a car and have to continue to make payments on the loan . GAP insurance eliminates this problem by paying the difference between your automobile’s ACV paid pursuant to an automobile insurance policy and the outstanding balance on the car loan .


    • Configuring Tools for Your Loan Team - CU*Answers

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      loan products include your credit union’s used car loan offering, new car loan, RV loan, etc.—these products could all be tied to the same generic "closed-end installment loan" or "vehicle loan" category. 005 Computer Loan You can create, delete, relabel, and reorganize loan product templates any

    • Loan to Own - Connecticut

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      Loan To Own 1 FDIC Money Smart – Financial Education Curriculum Instructor Guide MODULE OVERVIEW Purpose The Loan to Own module provides general information on installment loans, including car loans and home equity loans. Objectives At the end of the module, students will be able to: • Identify various types of installment loans.

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    • Loan to Own - Connecticut

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      Loan To Own 8 FDIC Money Smart – Financial Education Curriculum Participant Guide BEWARE OF CAR TITLE LOANS Michael had $500 in unexpected medical expenses and needed a loan. He saw a television commercial that declared, "If you have a car, you can get a loan." Michael had a car worth about $2,500, so he decided to apply for the loan.


    • MODULE 10: Building Your Financial Future

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      to get a car you can afford with as little debt as possible. Participants will be able to: ¡ Explain why a car can be a productive asset ¡ List things to consider when choosing whether to buy or lease a car ¡ Determine how much car is affordable ¡ List tips for getting a car loan 30

    • Make a Budget

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      Make a Budget Use this worksheet to see how much money you spend this month. Then, use this month’s . information to help you plan next month’s budget.

    • Module 5: Borrowing Basics Instructor Guide

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      Module 5: Borrowing Basics Instructor Guide Money Smart for Young Adults Page 5 of 54 Getting Started Purpose The Borrowing Basics module will help you learn how to use credit appropriately and determine what forms of credit best suit your needs.

    • Module 7: Paying for College and Cars Instructor Guide

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      loan tips Activity 1: Cost of Installment Loans Those with loans, seeking loans, or those who may use loans in the future 19-20 10 Loan Approval The Four Cs of loan decision making: capacity, capital, character, collateral Activity 2: Loan Approval Anyone who may apply for a loan or credit card 21-36 30 Car Loans Where to get information;

    • RETIREMENT PLAN SERVICES Budget to balance priorities

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      RETIREMENT PLAN SERVICES Budget to balance priorities Everyone has competing financial priorities, but making a budget may help you find extra money to save for your goals. To help yourself create a budget, fill in this worksheet with your income and your expected monthly expenses. Start with essential expenses, then add nonessential expenses.

    • SKIP-A-PAY TODAY! - West Community Credit Union

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      Only the following loan(s): Car Loan 1** Car Loan 2** Personal Loan Rec vehicle (Boat, motorcycle, ATV or camper) A loan with another lender by refinancing with West Community Credit Union. (We can delay your first payment with us by up to 45 days.) PLEASE PAY THE $25 PROCESSING FEE PER LOAN SKIPPED:

    • Sell It Yourself Seller’s Guide - Capital One

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      Sell It Yourself Seller’s Guide Pricing Your Car 2 Prepping Your Car for Sale 3 Placing an Effective Ad 4 Finding a Buyer 5 Selling Your Car if You Still Owe Money on It 6 Dealing With Fraudulent Buyers 7 Meeting a Prospective Buyer for a Test Drive 8 Securing Safe Payment 9 Transferring Ownership 10 Turning Over Your Car to the Buyer 11

    • Student Loan Default Facts and Repayment Tips for ...

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      could prevent obtaining a mortgage, buying a car, or borrowing other consumer loans in the future) • Loss of eligibility for loan deferments (such as for in-school, unemployment, etc.) However other options exist for getting your loan out of default. These include loan repayment, loan rehabilitation, and loan …

    • The Hidden Costs of Risky Auto Loans to Consumers and Our ...

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      on the decision of when to buy a car as more expected factors like unemployment and income. 17 • Low-income borrowers are particularly sensitive to changes in loan maturity according to a 2007 study, suggesting that the longer loan terms of recent years may have been an important spur for the rapid rise in auto loans to low-income house-holds. 18

    • Top Ten Mortgage Tips

      Top Ten Mortgage Tips Have your DSLD Loan Originator pull your credit to see if there are any issues that need to be worked out. DSLD mortgage will help get you in contact with a credit consultant. DSLDMortgage.com DSLD Mortgage, LLC NMLS #120308 For a list of Locations and Mortgage Loan Originators, please visit our website at DSLDMortgage.com