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      From 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on June 11 — the hour during which its catchy opening number was performed on the Tony Awards broadcast — visits to the "The Wedding Singer" site nearly quintupled; within a day the show experienced a nearly threefold bump in ticket sales.

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      Hatchet job . A piece of criticism that destroys someone's reputation is a hatchet job. Have a ball . If you have a ball, you have a great time, a lot of fun. Have a bash . If you have a bash at something, you try to do it, especially when there isn't much chance of success. Have a go

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      FIRST PARAGRAPH: The beginning of your letter should catch the reader’s attention, but avoid catchy phrases and gimmicks. Also, tell why you are writing (e.g., name the specific position or type of work for which you are applying) and mention the resource used in finding out about the opening or company/organization.

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      Write your lead or opening sentence. Finish your story Reporter’s Notebook – Writing News Stories. To the newspaper writer: You will write a news story for your newspaper. Your assignment: Your job is to find a subject that is “newsworthy.” Use the categories your discussed in …

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      Response: Say that you want to build a career at the company and plan to be there for the foreseeable future. If the job involves extensive on-the-job training, you should stick around long enough for the employer to recoup the investment of time and money in you. This is how you, as CEO of Me, Inc., fulfill your obligations to your customers.

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      By opening the doors to the entire Bible, a literary approach . also insures that preachers and teachers will appeal to the whole . range of human temperament in a typical audience, as well as in . themselves. Seminary-trained people are far more oriented toward . abstract theological thinking than is the cross-section of humanity.

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      ( The best job for you is one that matches your skills, abilities and personal qualities. ... Think of a catchy opening sentence which will draw your reader in! ... a variety of openers – think about prepositional phrases, adverbial phrases. expanded noun phrases. multi-clause sentences . repetition for cohesion .

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      Advertising on the radio with catchy jingles and phrases is a tried and tested means of communication. ... A copy of the Radio Times dated October 30th reveals the opening day line-up. According to the publication, on this particular week the Baird System was being used. ... They designed the Apple computer in Job’s bedroom, having raised the ...

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      Jonathan has his sights set on getting a football scholarship to college. To prepare for the season, he has been working out several hours a day during the summer. He also has a part-time job, leaving him little free time. Because Jonathan is on such a tight schedule, he has been eating two of …

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      2008 2:00 pm All the suggestions in your blog and the comments I read are great. Going back to the beginning of the blog and your “double-click a word in Word” example, some of my staff at a previous job were so unsophisticated about Microsoft Word–after years of using it–that I asked them to take a training course. Two examples: 1.

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