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      “THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A SUCCESSFUL AUDITOR” DESCRIPTION: What makes a good auditor a good auditor? Have you got what it takes or maybe you don’t know what it takes? This session discusses the necessary characteristics of a good auditor and how to get there. The session also discusses ways to acquire and improve upon your audit skills.

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      Date: Character Resume-- The Outsiders Hey Greaser! Get a Job! Objectives: • Choose a character to follow throughout the story! • Keep a list of character traits (physical and personality) and examples from the story that support your particular character. Remember, true character traits reappear throughout the text and are based on


      aligns character traits to one of nine categories. Not only is it interesting reading, but it can also help round out a character and summarize his personality. Something I’ve found especially helpful is the “fatal flaw” that accompanies each personality. Finally, should you run across a taciturn character who refuses to let you into his

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      Our fundamental understanding of character has much to do with the essential traits exhibited by a person. In recent years there has been a growing interest in the nature of character and character education, based upon a belief that positive character traits can be both taught and learned. Many people today are familiar with the Character Counts!

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      Your character’s resume does not need to include absolutely everything that has happened to him or her. Instead, focus on skills, knowledge, and personality traits that character has that will make him or her good employee. As you search the story that you’ve read for …


      Character Hobbies and Skills Brainstorming List By Jill Williamson 2 Hobbies Arcade Games Astrology Being a fan of… Body art Book Reviewing Computers Construction Domino Set ups Educational courses Electronics Fantasy Football Fast Cars Film Making Fixing cars Foreign languages Gambling Garage Saleing


      job duties or character traits. For example, instead of just saying you are a team player, describe something you accomplished on the job by using your team skills. » When sending an online résumé, pay atten-tion to requirements. For example, some sites may accept only a chronological format. To Refresh Your Résumé, Point to Accomplishments

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      LIST OF CHARACTER TRAITS active adventurous affectionate alert ambitious bold bright brave calm cheerful clever confident cool cooperative courageous courteous curious

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      Sample Character Traits able active adventurous affectionate afraid alert ambitious angry annoyed anxious apologetic arrogant attentive average

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      character traits here... Character Analysis Essay Assignment: Your assignment is to write a character analysis of a major character in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Once you have chosen a character to analyze, choose three adjectives that describe that character. These adjectives, or character traits, will be the basis of your five-paragraph ...

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