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      applicants for the 400 seats at Baltimore City College (City) and 1,736 applicants for the 425 open seats at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly),6 underscoring how competitive admission to these schools can be. Students who graduate from City Schools academic entrance criteria and charter high schools enroll in college at

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      In contrast, the Petitioners in the instant case, thirteen operators of charter schools in Baltimore City (the “Charter School Operators”),1 sought to obtain relief in a similar commensurate funding dispute by filing breach of contract complaints against the Respondent, the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners (the “City Board

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    • Career Pathways, Performance Pay, and Peer-review ...

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      Career Pathways, Performance Pay, and Peer-review Promotion in Baltimore City Public Schools 071 3 The 33 charter schools in Baltimore operated under an unusual relationship with the district. In Maryland the local school board was the authorizer, meaning charter schools fell …

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    • Combating Chronic Absenteeism By Improving Public ...

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      Baltimore City has unique challenges that make it difficult for many students to get to school. Unlike cities such as New York and Boston, Baltimore lacks a comprehensive subway, light rail, or bus system. In addition, BCPS allows students to select their schools, which forces many students to travel long distances to reach their schools.

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      Baltimore City Public Schools * Coalition of Baltimore Charter Schools * Supporting Public Schools of Choice 4. Partners in this Compact are committed to operating and positioning public charter schools as partners in the city-wide effort to provide an excellent education for all students 5.

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    • FISCAL 2020

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      Baltimore, Maryland 21202 May 1, 2019 The Honorable Members of the City Council City Hall, Room 400 Baltimore, Maryland 20212 Re: Fiscal 2020 Proposed Ordinance of Estimates The Fiscal 2020 Board of Estimates Budget recommendation represents another major step in our vision for moving Baltimore forward.

    • Getting to High School in Baltimore: Student Commuting and ...

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      Getting to High School in Baltimore: Student Commuting and Public Transportation This report is the first publication of a multi-year project examining the relationship between student commutes using public transportation and on-time arrival and absenteeism. This report


      City's public school system. Article XII was drafted by the Educational Home Rule Charter Commission convened pursuant to the Act of August 9, 1963, P.L. 643, by which the General Assembly eliminated a previous statutory restriction forbidding a Home Rule Charter from containing provisions regulating public schools.

    • Policy Regarding Planning Commission Recognition of Plans

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      City-managed Plans Per the City Charter Article VII, § 72, the Baltimore City Planning Commission is responsible for preparing and updating plans showing the physical development of the City. The Planning Commission relies on staff of the Department of Planning to …

    • Profiles on Possible School Reuse Options

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      Typical Size: While charter schools vary in size, most have a total enrollment size of less than 300 students, thereby requiring smaller facilities than typical public schools. However, the percentage of charter schools with 300+ students has steadily increased over the past decade, a trend that could signal a demand for more space.

    • Strategies for Community Engagement in School Turnaround

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      Baltimore, Maryland; Baltimore City Public Schools launched Expanding Great Options, an initiative to open new schools, expand high-performing schools, close the lowest performing schools and turn around struggling schools . The initiative placed family and community engagement specialists in turnaround schools . These professionals

    • The Abell Report

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      The vast majority of those schools (31) are located in Baltimore City, where charters educate roughly 10,000 of the City’s 84,000 public school students.2 Across the rest of the state, however, public charter schools are quite rare, as three-quarters of Maryland’s school districts have no operating charter schools.

    • U.S. Department of Education - EDCAPS G5-Technical Review ...

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      successfully operates conversion charters in Baltimore since 2005 and is Baltimore's largest charter operator. Baltimore City Public Schools (authorizer for all schools) has rated BCP as highly effective [e23]. BCP has shown to close the achievement gap with all three of its existing schools, all of which are Title 1 schools (City Springs,

    • What Can We Learn from Charter School Lotteries?

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      30 percent of students attend charter schools. In the 2014–2015 school year, the New Orleans Recovery School District became the first US district to be comprised entirely of charter schools (National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 2015a; Abdulkadirog lu, Angrist, Hull, and Pathak 2016). All charter schools are free to students.