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    • Houston Independent School District / Houston ISD Homepage

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      Spurred into action, delegates met and authored the new Constitution which would allow for representation based upon population in the house and equal representation per state in the senate. The empowered nation now pushed for ratification in the famous Federalist Papers …

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    • Spring Semester Exam Review

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      Key Terms/People: annexation, Sam Houston, Lamar, Washington-on-the-Brazos, Anson Jones-What was the main cash crop in Texas? cotton-What caused people to move to Texas? Availability of cheap land-Where did they move from? Mainly from the Southern United States-What were the reasons that Americans did not want to Annex Texas at first?

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    • Title

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      Houston, TX 77251-1892. ... and we give the keys to the house to a weekly cleaning service (and are shocked and dismayed if our trust is betrayed by theft.) ... 1996 points to ways in which “cheap talk” serves to build reputation). While building and maintaining a reputation can be important, in a game theoretic sense this requires either a ...

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    • Ch 5 Sect 3-Item #3

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      and opened a boarding house, hotel. William Barret Travis stayed at her Inn. So did Sam Houston. Jane taught the women in the area to make bullets, taught them to shoot long-rifles, and served TEA after practicing. During the fight for Texas Independence, Jane took her family East to the United States. She was part of the Run-Away Scrape.

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    • Minutes - American Legion

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      – House Chair, Alex Garcia reports starting balance of $394.00. After expenditures and disbursements were identified, the balance is $481.00. The House turns over $75.00 to the checking account maintaining $406.00 for Post Operations. Finance Officer Gloria Smallwood moved to accept the House Chair report, seconded by Commander Alfred Smallwood.

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