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    • Arlington Municipal Court Outstanding Arrest Warrants

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      Name Citation Number City and State Offense Date Amount Due Offense Charge Description Warrant Type Issue Date AVILA-GURROLA, ANGELA ISABEL 009035414 - 1 ARLINGTON,TX 01/20/2019 $306.00 NO VALID DL - UNLICENSED (NO DISPLAY) CP 8/15/2019 AVIST, SHAWN ALISHA 009149087 - 1 FORT WORTH,TX 06/25/2019 $618.00 DRIVING WHILE TEXAS LICENSE IS …

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      Arlington, Texas 76011. This Consultant Services Contract is entered into this. 26th day of August 2015, between Colligan Golf Design hereinafter referred to as "CONSULTANT" and the CITY OF ARLINGTON, TEXAS, a municipal corporation of the State of Texas, hereinafter referred to as

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    • City of Arlington

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      City of Arlington, Texas Public Review Draft I August 2012 I Page 1-1 ARTICLE 1: GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. TITLE1 This ordinance shall be known, cited, and referred to as the Unified Development Code of the City of


    • City of Arlington

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      Last Revised 10/2013 City of Arlington Block Parties and Special Events Regulated by Public Works and Transportation BLOCK PARTIES (Residential) FORM ATTACHED; SEE BELOW LIST OF REQUIREMENTS Neighbors wishing to block off their street for a …

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    • City of Arlington – Credit Access Business Referral to ...

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      City of Arlington – Credit Access Business Referral to Consumer Credit Counseling ... Arlington, TX 76012 817-289-0495 Main www.catholiccharitiesfortworth.org ... Section 5.02 Referral to Consumer Credit Counseling A credit access business shall provide a form, to be prescribed by the Director, to each consumer seeking assistance ...


    • City of Arlington, TX

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      About Arlington. The City of Arlington is a diverse metropolitan area located approximately 20 miles west of downtown Dallas and 12 miles east of downtown Fort Worth. From a regional perspective, Arlington is the seventh-largestcity in Texas. Arlington is a full-service city supported by a total budget of $431 million and a full-time staff of ...

    • Ordinance CC 08.18.09 Residential Design Standards

      BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ARLINGTON, TEXAS: That the “Zoning” Chapter of the Code of the City of Arlington, Texas, 1987, is hereby amended through the amendment of Section 2-200, Definitions, of Article II, Interpretations and Definitions so that hereafter said section shall include: Community.


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      CITY OF ARLINGTON, TEXAS Adopted by Ordinance No. 97-124 Revised on June 6, 2016 . LIST OF CHANGES The following list of changes represent changes as of June 6, 2016 to the City of Arlington Water Utilities StaDepartment’s nda rSpeci ficati osWater Sa ita yewer Con t ucti Adopted b ...


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      SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES . Syllabus . CITY OF ARLINGTON, TEXAS, ET AL. v. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION . ET AL. CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FIFTH CIRCUIT . No. 11–1545. Argued January 16, 2013—Decided May 20, 2013* The Communications Act of 1934, as amended, requires state or local

    • as - City of Arlington, TX

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      the City of Arlington of its governmental functions for the protection of the public peace, health and safety; and neither the Cit y nor agents and representatives of said City (or any individual, receiver, fim1 . partnership, corporation, association, trustee or any of the agents thereof, in good fa ith carrying out, complying with or

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