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    • 2015-06 June Newsletter

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      The July meeting will be the final meeting with Judge Anthony Wilhoit as the Commission’s Executive Director. At the conclusion of the meeting, in Room 125 of the Annex, there will be a public reception to honor Judge Wilhoit’s 60 years of public service, and the long-time service of Connie Evans, who is retiring after nearly 18 years as the Commission’s staff assistant.

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    • Code of Roseville

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      The City’s authority to conduct such background checks is subject to any requirements in state law relating to background checks for specific types of applicants. 5. The City of Roseville Police Department is authorized to conduct criminal history background checks on license applicants as required by City Code and/or State law.

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    • Investor Relations | Harsco Corporation

      At December 31, 2014, there were 80,659,850 shares outstanding. In 2014, the Company's common stock traded in a range of $16.48 to $28.19 and closed at $18.89 at year-end. At December 31, 2014, there were approximately 11,700 stockholders. There are no significant limitations on the payment of dividends included in the Company's loan agreements.

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    • Oklahoma Disability Survey Report

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      Any child aged 18 years or younger is eligible if he or she receives a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment. SSA establishes financial and medical eligibility for the SSI disability payment. Services available locally or through SSI-DCP funding include child care, equipment, diapers, formula, developmental aides, and professional services.

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      Insurance, property, rural city or town, population 6,000/less, organizing to purchase. SB 447 (smad hf, smde cc), Lawler S, Paulk H . Landowner liability, recreational purpose: Charges for use, removing limitation when owners have limited liability for injury or damage. HB 1093, Pope H



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      Every local school district hereafter established in a city, or in a municipality other than a city which shall become a city, except a municipality in which the provisions of section 18A:9-3 shall be accepted; b. Every local school district which was governed, immediately preceding the effective date of this title, by chapter 6 of Title 18 of ...

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      Staff recommends Council authorization for the City Manager to execute a letter requesting the Tulsa County Vision Authority amend their Resolution, dated November 2, 2016, by increasing the listed project cost amount from $148,363 to $157,056 for the 76th Street North and Main Street Utility Relocation project, and requesting the Tulsa Board of County Commissioners to issue a Capital ...