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  • clinical manifestations of uremia


      protein metabolism that are responsible for the clinical manifestations of CRF. The blood urea nitrogen (BUN) itself probably does not cause all the manifesta- tions of the syndrome known as uremia, and may be elevated independently of renal failure. Nonetheless it serves as a marker for the basic pathophysiologic

    • Biochemistry of Renal Failure - Annals of Clinical ...

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      294 WILLS AND SAVORY with chronic renal failure, is only as­ sociated with thirst and polyuria and none of the other clinical manifestations of uremia. In patients with chronic renal

    • Dental considerations for the patient with renal disease

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      views), 4 transversal studies, 2 series of clinical cases, 1 randomized clinical assay, 1 letter to the editor and 1 panel of experts). Results Oral manifestations. Up to 90% of patients with renal insufficiency show oral signs and symptoms in soft and hard tissues, some of them being a cause of the disease

    • EMS Care for the Renal Patient

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      Uremia ! Uremia is a clinical syndrome associated with fluid, electrolyte, and hormone imbalances and metabolic abnormalities. ! The term uremia, literally means urine in the blood. ! No single uremic toxin has been identified that accounts for all of the clinical manifestations of uremia. ! Metabolic Acidosis

    • Edema and uremia from 1827 to 1905: The first faltering steps ...

      clinical and pathological differences were due to the disease being observed at different stages. This lengthy and futile debate is well described by J. Bleker [12]. Around 1890 the dilemma of what was known as dissociated renal impermeability, that is, edema without clinical uremia versus clinical uremia without edema remained unsolved. Con-

    • Guidelines for the Management of Pediatric and Adult Tumor ...

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      crystals in renal tubules.7-9 However, uremia may also be caused by calcium phosphate precipitation, xanthine crystallization, tumor in-filtration in the kidney, tumor-associated obstructive uropathy, drug-associated nephrotoxicity, and/or acute sepsis. Clinical manifestations of TLS may include nausea, vomiting,

    • Images in medicine Uraemic frost: a clinical manifestation of ...

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      Uraemic frost: a clinical manifestation of severe uraemia A 64-year-old patient presented to the emergency department with a 2-day history of increased confusion. He had been treated with haemodialysis for years for chronic renal failure, but at the time of admission had not had haemodialysis for more than a month. On physical examination, he ...

    • Nervous System Complications in Uremia.

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      CLINICAL REVIEW Nervous System Complications in Uremia Cosmo L. Fraser, MD; and Allen 1. Ariem MD In patients with end-stage renal disease, nervous system dys- function remains a major cause of disability. Patients with chronic renal failure who have not yet recerved dialysis may have symptoms ranging from mild sensorial clouding to de-

    • Oral manifestations in chronic uremia patients

      Oral manifestations Manifestations involving the oral cavity often represent clinical signs of an advanced uratemic state that affects both the hard and soft tissues. Occasionally, such manifestations can also be due to therapeutic measures that include the following: fluid restrictions, dietary changes, side effects of

    • Uremic Encephalopathies: Clinical, Biochemical, and ...

      dialysis. The clinical manifestations of acute renal failure (ARF) do not differ in kind from those seen in chronic renal failure (CRF), but tend to be more severe, occur at lower levels of BUN, and in a more fulminant manner. The neurologic manifesta­ tions of uremia are generally similar whatever the

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