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  • clinical significance and statistical significance

    • P Values, Statistical Significance & Clinical Significance

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      Nursing Research 101 Differentiating. statistical. significance. andclinical. significance. ByElizabethHeavey,PhD,RN,CNM . T. O IMPLEMENT. evidence-based practice, nurses must be able to comprehend and interpret research. That means you need to understand the distinction between statistical significance and clinical significance.

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    • Differentiating statistical significance and clinical ...

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      Second, whether a treatment effect exists in the statistical sense has little to do with the clinical significance of the effect. Statistical effects refer to real differences as opposed to ones that are illusory, questionable, or unreliable. To the extent that a treatment effect …

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    • Statistical significance and clinical evidence

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      Statistical significance and clinical evidence Authors’ reply We thank Simon Gates for his reply. In our Comment,1 we highlight an emerging challenge in cancer trials; large portfolios of trials that test a single drug (or very similar drugs) in many different tumour types, even in some settings with limited clinical rationale. By chance ...

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    • Measures of Clinical Significance - Semantic Scholar

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      Keywords: clinical significance, psychotherapy outcome, psychometrics One of the difficulties that clinical researchers face is assessing whether their treatments have a meaningful impact on their clients. Outcome measures typically focus on symptoms of psy-chopathology, and increasingly complicated statistical methods are

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    • What's the Difference Between Statistical Significance and Clinical S…

      P Values, Statistical Significance & Clinical Significance When looking at the results of a research study, a practitioner has to answer two big questions: 1. Were the results due to chance? 2. Are the results big enough to matter to a patient? P values and Statistical Significance

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    • Clinical Significance: A Statistical Approach to Denning ...

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      Clinical Significance: A Statistical Approach to Defining Meaningful Change in Psychotherapy Research Neil S. Jacobson and Paula Truax University of Washington In 1984, Jacobson, Follette, and Revenstorf defined clinically significant change as the extent to

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    • Assessing Clinical Significance: Does It Matter Which ...

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      Clinical significance is an important concept in research, particularly in education and the social sciences. The present article first compares clinical significance to other measures of “significance” in statistics. The major methods used to determine clinical significance are …

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    • Clinical Significance: A Statistical Approach to Defining ...

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      an arbitrary significance threshold, and equating exceeding the threshold with clinical benefit, is simply poor science. This practice, although common, has been repeatedly criticised in the statistical literature, including by the American Statistical Association’s guidelines for …

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    • Statistical significance and clinical evidence – Authors ...

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      clinical significance. Each of these measures, however, has limitations that require the clinician to be cautious about interpretation. Guidelines are offered to facilitate the inter-pretation and understanding of clinical significance. Problems With Statistical Significance A statistically significant outcome indicates only …

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