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    • E M O R A N D U M

      Land Use ME MR PO * Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Marijuana Recreational Retailer • not to exceed 50,000 sq. ft. ground floor P P N • not to exceed 75,000 sq. ft. ground floor for ME zoned property five acres or greater P N N *Marijuana Wholesale (more than 75% of sales are wholesale) P P N

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      accessible on the HRLA Medical Marijuana web page? (e.g. "The applicant shall sign a written statement on a form provided by the Director attesting that the applicant assumes any and all risk or liability that may result under District of Columbia and federal laws from the operation of a medical marijuana cultivation center or dispensary.")

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      marijuana including oils, topicals, concentrates, pills and dry leaf. There are now seven dispensaries in the region including locations in King of Prussia, Devon and Plymouth Meeting. For further information regarding Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program and to locate your closest dispensary please visit www. medicalmarijuana.pa.gov.

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    • Higher education: Colleges add cannabis to the curriculum

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      Higher education: Colleges add cannabis to the curriculum 4 March 2019, by Mary Esch In this Feb. 14, 2019 photo, Colton Welch, a junior at the State University of New York at Morrisville, N.Y., tends

      michigan recreational marijuana dispen


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      MINUTES OF PLANNING BOARD OCTOBER 27, 2016 Present: Chairman Geoffrey Aleva, Jon Morse, Anne Whitten, ... Charles Barto stated that he lives on Union Lane and is one of the closest neighbors to this property. He stated that it definitely was stinky before. ... they were going to be the only dispensary in Southern Maine. Mr. Barth stated that ...

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    • Joint Tenancies: Landlords and Medical Marijuana Businesses

      rescheduled under that Act, the operation of a medical marijuana dispensary or grow site is a federal crime punishable under the federal courts’ sentencing guidelines, which impose fines and jail time. As I explain in the main text, leasing to a medical marijuana business very possibly exposes a landlord to civil and criminal penalties.

    • How to Create a Marketing Plan for 2019 - In-Depth Guide ...

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      Other local businesses, like a marijuana dispensary, gets the majority of their new business through their local marketing eorts on Google Maps. People pull out their smartphones and type in "weed near me" - whichever dispensary shows up rst, with the best reviews, wins the business.


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      marijuana@oregon.gov (rev.1/11/2019) OREGON LIQUOR CONTROL COMMISSION Record of Cities/Counties Prohibiting Licensed Recreational Marijuana Facilities The following cities or counties have prohibited the establishment of Licensed Recreational Marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers, and/or retailers.

    • State of Illinois Illinois Department of Public Health QP

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      State of Illinois Illinois Department of Public Health Page 3of 4 Printed by Authority of the State of Illinois P.O.#3117018 5M 9/16 IOCI 17-8 Fingerprint Consent Form Medical Cannabis Registry Identification Card

    • SP, Revised, App 3 (2016-3-21) – Prime Wellness

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      foot radius between a proposed registered marijuana dispensary and any school, daycare center, or any facility in which children commonly congregate. ... The Hope Chapel, one of the closest facilities in which both adults and children congregate, is approximately 1,200 feet away from the Prime Wellness facility. 2. Revised responses to ...

    • www.tucsonaz.gov

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      disqualify its petition to locale a dispensary on Park Ave, COPE Community Services, Inc. Operates a Licensed Rcsidcn tial Substance Abuse Diagnostic and Treatment facility or Other Licensed Drug or Rehabilitation facility 1,Vithin 1,675 Feet. The C)rdinance requires that a "medical marijuana dispensary …

    • Friday, February, 7, 2014 CAM seeks hearing on rejection ...

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      harvesting medical marijuana in Winchendon plans to appeal the rejection of its application for a dispensary permit. Josh Resnick, the spokesman for Centers for Alternative Medicine, said the firm has asked for an administra-tive hearing on the matter. Town Manager James Kreidler and Robert O’Keefe, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, both ...


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      city of the dalles minutes 313 court street the dalles, oregon 97058 (541) 296·5481 ext. 1125 planning department city of the dalles planning commission city hall council chambers 313 court sreet the dalles, oregon 97058 conducted in a meeting room in compliance with ada standards thursday, february 16, 2017 5:30p.m. i. call to order ii.

    • The pioneers: How parents are experimenting with marijuana ...

      driving to the closest clinic took Karlee more than three hours each way. So after reading the article about marijuana, she drove to Seattle, nearly 300 miles away, in search of a doctor willing to prescribe it for a child. Even though Washington’s approved indications for marijuana use don’t

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