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    • [PDF File]Everyday Preventive Actions Can Help Fight Germs, Like Flu

      flu cough, sneeze, or talk. Less often, a person might get flu by touching a surface or object that has flu virus on it and then touching his or her own mouth, nose, or possibly eyes. Many other viruses spread these ways too. People infected with flu may be able to infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms

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    • [PDF File]Cleaning your home environment: Steps to take if someone ...

      cold and flu season, and staying healthy can be hard when you are living in the same household with sick individuals. Shared close living space creates a home for germs, especially when people are coughing and sneezing, with fevers and runny noses. Germs spread easily throughout your house, so you are potentially at risk if you don’t take proper

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    • [PDF File]Cold vs. Flu Symptoms - Utah Department of Health

      a cold. Sneezing is not common with the flu. Sudden Symptoms Cold symptoms tend to develop over a few days. The flu typically has a rapid onset within 3-6 hours. The flu hits hard and includes sudden symptoms like high fever, aches and pains. Headache A headache is fairly uncommon with a cold. A headache is very common with the flu, present in ...

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    • [PDF File]Georgia Weekly PUBLIC HEALTH Influenza Report

      This Week’s Flu Code is: REGIONAL Outbreaks of influenza OR Increases in ILI cases and recent laboratory-confirmed influ-enza cases in at least two but less than half the regions of the state with recent laborato-ry evidence of influenza in those regions in region with the outbreaks; virus activity is no greater than sporadic in other regions

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    • [PDF File]Michigan Flu Focus

      During the 2018-2019 influenza season, Michigan flu activity peaked week ending March 23, 2019 (Week 12) at 3.2% and reported above baseline of 1.8% for 12 weeks. National flu activity peaked week ending February 16, 2019 (Week 7) at 5.1%. Become an ILINET provider!

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    • [PDF File]Washington State Influenza Update

      Washington State Influenza Update Week 31 July 28 – Aug 03, 2019 Washington State Department of Health, Communicable Disease Epidemiology If you have a disability or need this document in another format, call 1-800-525-0127 (TTY/TDD 7-1-1). DOH 420-100 Quick facts are below. See full report on pages 1-9 for details. Flu activity in Washington is

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    • [PDF File]Weekly Influenza Report Week 1

      Weekly Influenza Report Week 1 Report Date: Friday, January 12, 2018 The purpose of this report is to describe the spread and prevalence of influenza-like illness (ILI) in Indiana. It is meant to provide local health departments, hospital administrators, health professionals and

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      The United States is being hit hard by one of the most severe flu seasons in recent history. Flu Heat Map % of U.S. Population with Flu. Total U.S . 5.5%. Source: IRI Illness Tracking™ 8 weeks ended 1/14/2018.

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    • [PDF File]Alabama’s Weekly Influenza Report

      What the Flu is Going On in Alabama? Influenza–like illness* is at 1.49% statewide. This represents a decrease in the number of patients visiting their doctor with flu-like symptoms as compared to last week. During the last three weeks, Influenza A, 2009 H1 was identified.

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    • [PDF File]Bureau of Infectious Disease Control Infectious Disease ...

      Bureau of Infectious Disease Control Infectious Disease Surveillance Section (IDSS) Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report Week Ending May 18, 2019 ... Flu Activity Week 20 0.2% = decrease from previous week 2.0% = decrease from previous week ... total sales for cough and cold remedies. Examples of other OTC categories reported include ...

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