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      controversy that the topics provoke. Nonetheless, these are topics that pique students’ interest and can make for excellent discussion and essay writing. Adolescents 1. Stress and its effects on young people today 2. The process of applying to college 3. Solutions to prevent high-school drop outs 4.

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    • Argument in the College (DRAFT) - University of Rochester

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      Argument in the College (DRAFT) The goal of CAS 105 is for you to learn to write successful argumentative essays. Argumentative essays, of course, consist of arguments. An argument, in this sense, is simply a set of statements, consisting of at least one argument-conclusion (hereafter, arg-conclusion) and at least one premise. The two main ways ...

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    • Argumentative Essay Lessons

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      Argumentative Essay All Lessons Welcome to TenMarks Writing! This document includes all of the lessons for the Argumentative Unit.

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    • Elements of Persuasive/Argument Papers

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      Elements of Persuasive/Argument Papers What is a persuasive/argument essay? Persuasive writing, also known as the argument essay, uses logic and reason to …

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    • English Diagnostic and 123 sample questions - CSU Home

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      ENGLISH DIAGNOSTIC/123/127 PROMPTS AND QUESTIONS FOR CHICAGO STATE UN IVERSITY’S EXIT EXAMINATION and 3-CREDIT HOUR QUALIFYING EXAM Choose one of the following topics and write a well organized, well developed 300-350-word expository essay.

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    • Free College Essay - Quixotic Pedagogue

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      English II Essay 2: Should College Be Free? Mr. Pogreba English II The Problem Is That Free College Isn’t Free Andrew P. Kelly is a resident scholar and the director of the Center on Higher Education Reform at the American Enterprise Institute. “Free public college…

    • How to Write an Argumentative Essay

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      How to Write an Argumentative Essay An argumentative essay uses reasoning and evidence—not emotion—to take a definitive stand on a controversial or debatable issue. The essay explores two sides of a topic and proves why one side or position is the best. The First Steps Choose a …

    • List of Argument Essay Topics - Suffolk Public Schools Blog

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      List of Argument Essay Topics Should we do more to deal with the problem of domestic violence, or is the problem exaggerated? We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computers. Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their

    • Opinion/Argument Writing Packet Grades 3-6

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      in college and careers is well articulated by Joseph M. Williams and Lawrence McEnerney (n.d.) of the University of Chicago Writing Program. When explaini ng to new college students the differences between high school and college writing, Williams and McEnerney define argument as …

    • PREPARING FOR THE - City Colleges of Chicago

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      Preparing for the Writing Placement Test: Student Guide ... Reading passages will always be followed by two essay topics (A and B) to choose from. Question A will always state the following: “In your own words, discuss the author's most important ... write argumentative essays with thesis statements or main ideas. In academic terms, then, an ...

    • WRITING WORKSHOP 2 Argumentative Writing an …

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      Argumentative Writing Learning Targets • Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence. • Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to …

    • Writing Research Essays

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      Understand the writing assignment • Many college classes require that students write argumentative essays based on research. • An argumentative essay argues a stance the author takes on a particular topic. • The stance should be debatable (meaning a reasonable person might disagree with the author’s stance). • Read the assignment carefully. If you have questions about the assignment ...

    • Writing an Argumentative , or Position Paper

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      The College of Saint Rose Writing Center, 2007 Writing an Argumentative or Position Paper What is an Argumentative or Position Paper? In this type of assignment, you take a stand on a particular topic that is debatable. You present a clear and strong statement usually at the start of your paper that ... essay” format you may have learned in ...

    • Writing an Argumentative Essay

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      An argumentative essay states the thesis in the introduction, substantiates the thesis in the body, and provides a resolution for the reader in the conclusion. This distinct structure presents ideas in a LOGICAL and CONVINCING manner. According to theorist Stephen Toulmin, an argument can be divided into its claims and grounds: