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    • [PDF File]State of Colorado

      State Controller’s Office John Musso Deputy Superintendent Pueblo School District No. 60 Dianne Ray Director of Local Government Audits Office of the State Auditor Karl Peacock Finance Director South Metro Fire Rescue Representatives from Other State Agencies Charissa M. Hammer Director of the Office of the Audit Division Department of Human ...

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    • [PDF File]State of Colorado FISCAL RULES

      Issued by the State Controller’s Office Date Issued: 9/1/95 Rule 1-2 Date Revised: 7/1/03 Page 7 STATE OF COLORADO FISCAL RULES Rule 1-2 USE OF THE STATE FINANCIAL SYSTEM AUTHORITY: 24-30-202 (12), C.R.S. RULE: All state agencies and institutions of higher education are required to use the state financial system to record their financial transactions and financial information, develop their financial …

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    • [PDF File]State of Colorado Office of the State Controller Warrant …

      State of Colorado Office of the State Controller Warrant Escheatment Guide Per Unclaimed Property Law C.R.S 38-13-110, the State is required to report and deliver payment for all unclaimed property to the Great Colorado Payback GCP (State Treasury) unless an exception is identified. Warrants (checks) that are older than six months since ...

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    • [PDF File]March 2018 Legislative Council Staff Economic ...

      Source: Colorado Office of the State Controller and Legislative Council Staff March 2018 forecast. Amounts include estimated impacts of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Gross General Fund Revenue Billions of Dollars +$243M +$297M +$378M Change Relative to December

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      The Colorado Office of the State Controller (OSC) issued this OSC Guidance as its interpretation of new and revised requirements that are mandatory for administration of Federal Awards by the State, Departments and Agencies, and Institutions of Higher Education (collectively, “State Agencies”). The purpose of the OSC Guidance is to

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