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      STUDENT TEACHING PERFORMANCE EVALUATION ... Instructions: Please use the scale below to rate the student teacher’s performance and include comments to support your rating decisions. ... Expresses positive expectations for all students ...

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    • 1-Assessment of Industrial Attachment Issues and Concerns ...

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      comments about students’ performance and fail to deliver justice to the assessment process itself (Chinyemba & Bvekerwa, 2011; Chinyemba, 2011). Research findings have also shown that more often than not assessors lack adequate knowledge on the procedures of workplace-based assessments. The peculiarity of this is that

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    • SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: (Supervisors answered one or both …

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      SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: (Supervisors answered one or both of the following questions: If you had a position available would you hire this intern full-time? Any comments? 1. More experience will help with communication skills, and confidence. (Student) was a delight to work with and I know she will be successful in what ever she does. 2.

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      RATING A TEACHER OBSERVATION TOOL Five ways to ensure classroom observations are focused and rigorous 2011 ... performance, primarily the teacher’s impact on student academic growth. ... • Students’ timely completion of assignments (out of class and in class) ...

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    • Student Intern Performance Review - Baker University

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      Comments: ACTION ITEMS: INTERN COMMENTS ABOUT REVIEW: REVIEWER COMMENTS ABOUT REVIEW: INTERN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I have reviewed all pages of this document and have discussed the contents with my supervisor. My signature means that I have been advised of and fully understand my performance status.

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    • 5providing feedback for student learning - eVALUate

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      Less able students are more likely to over-rate others and themselves. Hence, some moderation might be needed. 3.4 Write a short report for the whole group of students In addition to brief comments on student work, issue all students with group feedback—common errors and how they are addressed.

    • Teacher Comments on Report Cards

      academic performance and social growth of their child. Schools have a variety of ways to document the progress of students. In a majority of schools, teachers usually assign a number or letter grade to the subject or skill areas. ... comments on students' daily academic and social behaviors. These should be written about the students' behaviors ...


      TEACHER PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PROCEDURES A. OVERVIEW The county’s philosophy of performance evaluation states that the evaluation process exists to facilitate the improvement of instruction. The evaluation procedures and associated instruments provide the framework for assessing teacher performance as it relates to the adopted

    • Report of Student Performance in Writing - Dpi

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      Report of Student Performance in Writing, Grades 4, 7, and 10, 2006-07 2 Introduction (continued) In 2005-06, in response to guidance from the USED, the NCDPI created an additional assessment, the NCEXTEND2. The NCEXTEND2 is designed to measure student performance for some students with disabilities based on grade-level modified achievement ...

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