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    • Changing the Game in Industrial Distribution

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      innovative distributors see the upside. Leveraging technology and innovative approaches, a new generation of management writes new rules for the sector, extending their business models to gain market share. In this article we will look at the trends that are impacting the Industrial Distribution

      distributor business opportunities

    • Driving Distributors’ Satisfaction in Multilevel Marketing ...

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      Since MLM companies need their existing distributors to recruit new distributors in order to grow the business, ensuring their satisfaction is necessary to motivate them to be successful. While there is a wide literature on employee satisfaction, studies on independent agents such as distributors in MLM companies are very limited.

      wholesale distribution business opport

    • Industrial Distribution: Trends and Opportunities for Growth

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      Industrial Distribution: Trends and Opportunities for Growth www.fortna.com Page 3 takes vision and execution. Companies have neither the time nor resources for a dartboard approach to growth. For distributors inclined to go the niche, technical sales (value-added services) route, national capabilities, a highly trained and knowledgeable sales

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      national distributors in most product areas, and the key to success was running large complex networks reasonably well. Local and regional players held up the price umbrella. The advantages of scale meant that there was still some room for the biggest companies to be relaxed about how precisely they

      looking distributorship opportunities

    • State Regulation of Medical Device Distribution

      companies may need to add to their regulatory staff to keep track of the myriad of state requirements. Device manufacturers and distributors not only need to be aware of state regulatory requirements at the time of market launch, but also must implement a mechanism for monitoring changes in state laws post-market, as additional

      independent distributorships


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      TOP 40 INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTORS IN NORTH AMERICA . THE LARGEST COMPANIES AND KEY TRENDS IN INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION ©GALE MEDIA, INC. ... distribution and lists of the top distribution companies in 15 sectors based on ... • Need for Access ‘Whenever, Wherever, However’ Drives Mobile Adoption ...

    • Do Big Retail Companies

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      Do Big Retail Companies still Need Distribution Center Space? By Paul A. Waters, SIOR, CCIM, CRE, FRICS Paul A. Waters, SIOR, CCIM, CRE, FRICS, is Executive Vice President-The Americas, NAI Global, New York City, New York. He is responsible for business development and client relationships among major corporate end users of office and ...

    • SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Conquering costs, complexity, …

      The limitations of many companies’ warehouse operations often come from these three factors: orders, labor, and the warehouse assets themselves. To drive performance and productivity gains in warehouse operations, manufacturers and distributors must confront the …

    • Wholesale Distribution M&A Moving from transactional to ...

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      2012. To realize true transformational change, distributors likely need to approach the M&A process very differently than they traditionally have, moving from a focus on small or niche transactions to larger, more strategic deals that bring scale advantages and strengthen channel position. In addition, companies need to plan and execute ...

    • Why Specialty Chemical Distributors Need to Raise Their Game

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      2 Why Specialty Chemical Distributors Need to Raise Their Game AT A GLANCE In the past, manufacturers have regarded specialty chemical distributors as a necessary evil—a means of reaching small customers or those that are difficult to serve economically. Today, distributors are becoming a critical part of the value

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