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    • Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives and the Global ...

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      sets great reps apart is the ability to insure customer re-quirements aren’t left to chance commodities. This is done through ‘differentiation of the products’ value, ca-pabilities and appreciation.” Certainly one way an independent agency can differ-entiate itself from others is by the principals it represents.

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    • Field Sales Reps with Professional Developing New Markets

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      versally, they turn to reps. But why do reps turn to them? II. Why reps elect to pioneer missionary lines Most rep firms are looking for new lines to grow their business and increase their value to their customers. Ideally, they want to represent well-recognized, established companies with some level of business or “momentum” in their ...

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    • When and How to Use Independent Sales Representatives

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      Today, over 40% of all companies use independent sales reps in some form and smaller product producing or service companies may hit closer to 75%. Keep in mind that sales reps have a lot of experience in dealing with companies who are “looking for reps”. The high quality rep firms will most

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    • Whitepaper Using Independent Sales Reps in a Sales Force

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      Using Independent Sales Reps in a Sales Force By Mark Lundquist, President & CEO, Fulcrum Edge, Inc. Sales representatives, sometimes called manufacturers’ reps, manufacturers’ agents, or sales agents, are independently contracted sales people that work on behalf of a company to sell that company’s products or services.

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    • UAMR

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      June 2018 UAMR 1 Representatives Wanted $10 The Business Publication for Manufacturers’ Representatives Since 1965 949-285-9284 fax: 417-779-1576 info@uamr.com www.uamr.com www.uamrconsulting.com

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    • Job Description Independent (1099) Sales Representative ...

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      Job Description – Independent (1099) Sales Representative Job Title: Independent (1099) Sales Representative Company Name: Biomerics Location: Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and West Position Type: Independent (1099) Sales Representative Pay: Commission Job Description: Biomerics is looking for independent (1099) sales representatives to grow our revenues in the

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    • Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives and the Global ...

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      for multinational companies. Calling the global sourc-ing person at headquarters already knowing what she is looking for and the names of her kids and favorite movie can be an excellent way to initiate the customer intimacy required for becoming a supplier. The third type of buyer is a true global sourcing agent and is a Mexican who has

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    • What Distributors Want From Reps

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      What Distributors Want From Reps 2001 is ending, bringing planning for 2002. Many companies are ... independent reps as to what distributors’ expectations of manufacturer salespeople (direct and indirect) should be. The specific ... Distributors are looking for more support, and commitment.

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